VDH on Obama the Unaccomplished Whiner

¬ĎLike a Dog¬’: The Origins of Barack Obama¬’s Petulance:

Obama in just twenty months has developed a reputation for being petulant, unusually sensitive to the normal run-of-the-mill criticism. His latest pushback was his strangest so far: ¬”And they¬’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That¬’s not in my prepared remarks, it¬’s just ¬ó but it¬’s true.¬”

Yet Obama¬’s petulance, I think, more likely derives from a certain surprise ¬ó leading to anger ¬ó that originates from novel and sudden demands for accountability. Quite simply, no one has dared question Obama before ¬ó much less press him for deeds to match his mellifluous words.

The exotic name, the mixed racial heritage, and the street cred cool, juxtaposed to the nerdy professorial sermonizing, trumped the need to author or repeal significant laws or create lasting community institutions ¬ó or to leave any footprint of achievement at either the University of Chicago, the Illinois legislature, or the U.S. Senate. Running for office or courting appointments or angling for promotions seemed divorced from worry about doing anything when such wishes were granted. Obama¬’s tragedy is that there is nothing left he can run for, no further adulatory confirmation for just being Obama. Performance for the first time in his life is now all that counts.

Obama’s lack of accomplishment was always wildly out of line with the messianic pronouncements of his stooges. I was amazed that some people believed Obama – with no executive credentials or financial background – was the man to turn the economy around.



Post-Tribune (IN) August 21, 1999 PHOTO – 3 TOP: A member of the flight crew of an Air Force T-38 Talon jet trainer salutes before takeoff Friday at Gary/Chicago Regional Airport. ABOVE: Secret Service agent Jim Crane looks into an F-16 used by the Thunderbirds precision flying team as the Red Barron pizza company’s Stearman Squadron of biplanes streaks through the sky. LEFT: People of all ages peer through fencing in Gary to watch the coming and going of airplanes connected to the Chicago Air and Water Show. (LARRY A. BRETTS/POST-TRIBUNE) THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM THE PRINTED VERSION. this web site chicago air and water show 2012

Mike Godoy, 40, of East Chicago heard the planes flying overhead as he was driving by the Gary/Chicago airport on Friday and decided to make a beeline to the excitement. Godoy and other people from the community watched the military aircraft and civilian acts – including the U.S. Air Force’s Thunderbirds and their F-16 Fighting Falcons – that will be featured in the 41st Chicago Air and Water Show today and Sunday.

“I’m off today, and it’s a nice day,” Godoy said. “To get this close to these jets are once in a lifetime. You are a hundred yards from these guys. They are just awesome machines.” Roger Hruskovich, director of marketing for the airport, said 25 military planes and civilian acts like Red Baron Pizza Squadron, staged their aircraft in Gary.

“This is the staging area for the military aircraft participating in the Chicago Air and Water Show on Saturday and Sunday in the Oak Street Beach area,” he said.

Hruskovich said the participants used to use the Glenview Naval Air Station, which closed, or the military area at O’Hare International Airport, which also closed.

Tom Womack, 33, of Austin, Texas, who is on hand with the Red Baron Stearman Squadron, said this weekend will be his first time flying in the Chicago show. web site chicago air and water show 2012

“It’s exciting to be here,” he said. “It’s a pretty city. I look forward to seeing it from the vantage point above the lake, looking over at the city.” Womack sad the red and white airplanes were used in World War II and by the Tuskegee Airmen as military trainers.

Capt. Duane D. Hayden of Chicago, a support flight commander, said 54 men and women, including ground and air, will take part in the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds act.

“They are going to be doing a number of aerobatics maneuvers, different formations and flying solo,” Hayden said. “People are excited to see the aviation aircraft because of the technology, the thrill of flying, the speed and performance of the aircraft.” Hayden said the Gary Jet Center and the Gary/Chicago Airport staff are friendly and supportive of the men and women who use the airport as a staging area for parking, re-fueling and setting up.

Sonja Reillo, 29, of East Chicago brought her children, T.J., 2, and Jackie, 8, to see the airplanes.

“My son T.J. loves planes,” she said. “My husband, Tito, was working, so I said I’d come here with the kids. The weather is perfect. The kids are looking forward to seeing the fast army planes and flips.” J. W. Robertson of Gary said he does not plan to go to the Chicago Air and Water Show, but was glad he came out on Friday to the Gary/Chicago Airport.

“Too many people will be at the air show in Chicago – here it’s really nice and you can enjoy it better,” Robertson said.

This year’s water show runs 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. both days; the air show is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, call (312) 744-3315; TDD (312) 744-2964. THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM THE PRINTED VERSION.

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6 Responses to VDH on Obama the Unaccomplished Whiner

  1. persimmon says:

    Nobody thought Obama was the man to turn the economy around. They just thought he was the least likely to keep bankers and war profiteers nut-deep in knob-slobber. As much as he has blown, American voters were still right to elect a credible man President.

    When you only get two choices for President, you are lucky if either is credible.

  2. Les Jones says:

    And how has any of that changed?

    We’re still in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gitmo. The only difference is that the Commander in Chief has a Nobel Peace Prize around his neck.

    The bank giveaways haven’t ended and we’re deeper in debt than ever.

  3. persimmon says:

    One thing that has changed is we are no longer torturing people nor conducting foreign policy as if the Carlyle Group’s interests were synonymous with American interests. Another difference is that if a Republican had brought home the last combat troops from Iraq, there would have been pomp and parades and Rovian retrospectives comparing it to V-J Day and the British surrender.

    But, hey, the mainstream media was happy not to photograph coffins when the government asked, so why should soldiers coming home alive get recognition?

    Gitmo is a symbol for war crimes and human rights abuses that went on in facilities all over the world. By the time news of deaths, injuries and psychological abuse of prisoners began to emerge, Gitmo had already become a more humane place. Closing it was never as important as simply shutting down ill treatment of prisoners.

    Another change is the definition of “lie.” Whereas it has meant ‘to deliberately state a falsehood with intent to deceive’ in the recent past, it now apparently includes inaccurate economic forecasts. Using the old definition, we have not been lied to in more than a year. That’s change.

    Deeper in debt than ever is the only conceivable place we could be right now, what with two occupations of unruly Muslim nations and everyone’s savings having vanished into fictionally priced bonds. We are too deep into the obligations and consequences of Republican errors to change course quickly. It took you guys a decade to ruin the country; it will take more than a year or two to repair it.

  4. Les Jones says:

    You think that the only lies Obama is guilty of are economic forecasts? Hippie, please.

    To pick just one, what about Obama’s promise to make legislation available on the Internet for five days before a vote? That went down the memory hole when he wanted to cram a poorly-understood, multi-thousand page healthcare bill down the public’s throat. Nancy Pelosi was right – we had to pass it to find out what was in it.

  5. mike w. says:

    Another difference is that if a Republican had brought home the last combat troops from Iraq.

    Don’t kid yourself, there are still plenty of combat troops in Iraq, whether we call them that or not.

  6. persimmon says:

    Thanks for making my point for me, Les. Your example does not even meet the definition I provided, much less compare to the standards set by the Bush administration liars. The change in the level of honesty from the White House is stark. At this point in his first term, Bush must have been actively stonewalling and obstructing at least three Congressional inquiries.