Link Roundup – Nikon D5100 or Nikon D7000?

I collected these links while deciding between the two cameras. I placed my order Friday. The camera will be here Monday or Tuesday. Tune in this week to find out which one I bought and why.

D5100 Reviews

D7000 Reviews

D5100 vs. D7000

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2 Responses to Link Roundup – Nikon D5100 or Nikon D7000?

  1. Andy E. says:

    Found your blog via a trackback to my site.
    You might be interested for your link roundup in my (rather lengthy) D7000 review as well.

    Enjoy your new camera – whichever you chose!


  2. Les Jones says:

    Thanks for all your review work, Andy. I’ve added a link to your D7000 review.