Why Herman Cain was Like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure

Cain is out of the presidential race, so I’d better use this analogy before its use by date is up. Herman Cain was like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure.

Like I said when I saw National Treasure, in order to enjoy a fun romp through Americn history I had to roll my eyes at a few things, whistle past some others, and it would have helped to have a hip flask of disbelief suspension. I have a feeling some Herman Cain fans were having to roll their eyes at his sexual indiscretions and whistle past his complete lack of political experience in order to enjoy the prospect of a hard-rolling black conservative with business experience.

In National Treasure Nicolas Cage plays a history fanatic who is forced to steal the heavily-guarded U.S. Constitution. As a friend of mine said, for someone who had never stolen anything, Cage’s character sure picked an ambitious first target. You could say the same thing about Herman Cain trying to win the presidency as his first political office. Based on this week’s announcement Cain obviously didn’t have Cage’s screenwriters.

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3 Responses to Why Herman Cain was Like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure

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  2. Joel says:

    Nicholas Cage shouldn’t have had Nicholas Cage’s screenwriters. I was so busy willingly suspending disbelief throughout that whole movie I didn’t have time to watch the movie.

    As to Cain, if the libs hadn’t done him in the republicans would have. It Wasn’t His Turn.

  3. foxmarks says:

    This wasn’t his first attempt. Cain ran for Senate in 2004.