The Stacey Campfield File

Following up on last week’s post, here’s a stroll down memory lane and a couple of relevant links about Knox County’s gay-bashing, never-married state Senator. The Bistro wasn’t the first place where Campfield had been shown the back door.

State Rep. Campfield escorted from UT game on Halloween

What the Heck is Wrong With Stacey Campfield?

47 violations found by city (with bonus sockpuppeting in the comments by Campfield/anon_a_moose)

Civil summons can’t find Campfield

State. Rep. Campfield parks car on Capitol sidewalk

The governor notes our legislature spends too much time worrying about gay cooties

How Many Cops Does it Take to Handcuff Rep. Campfield?

Campfield: Hey, Guys. What's the Safe Word?

Campfield: "Hi, guys. What's the safe word?"

Campfield on Penn and Teller’s Bullshit (FF to the 3:45 mark) NSFW:

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