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Quote of the Day – Aziz Asnari

“I read too much Internet. We all do. Imagine printing out all of your Internet reading from the last year and putting it into a leather hardcover. Would you go to your best friend and say ‘This is a great … Continue reading

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Tam’s Blog Has Left the Conversation

Tam has checked out of blogging due to a creepy stalker. I hate that she’s in that situation. I can’t blame her calling it quits, but I’ll definitely miss her blogging. I started this blog in February, 2003. At one … Continue reading

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iThemes Security WordPress plugin has a great new feature

WordPress installations often get broken into by brute force guessing of the password for the “admin” account. Changing the administrator account to something other than “admin” is the single best thing you can do to improve WordPress security. My favorite … Continue reading

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Run PHP code in a WordPress widget

I had an advertiser who wanted his link to appear in the right sidebar of the site, but only on the home page of site. Sidebar widgets usually appear throughout the site, so I had to figure out how to … Continue reading

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11 Year Blogiversary

My first blog post was 11 years ago tomorrow. In the past 11 years sometimes I’ve blogged more and sometimes less. It’s been almost two months since my last post, which is a personal record. There are lots of reasons … Continue reading

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Go Visit, and a Different Theory About Easter Island

Too busy to blog much right now, so go visit Lots of good seminars there on a variety of topics. The videos are subscriber-only, but the summaries are good and you can listen to the MP3 version under the … Continue reading

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About Craigslist Free Stuff

I love Craigslist. Good place to buy and sell locally. But I decided to shy away from ever giving anything away anything on Craigslist after reading this: Family Loses Everything After Craigslist Post Gone Terribly, Horribly Wrong Facing foreclosure on … Continue reading

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Something to work into my writing

“She was atwitter before there was a Twitter.”

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Turn Your WordPress/Blogger/LiveJournal Blog Into a Book or PDF

Someone asked me about exporting their entire blog into something readable and printable. Here ya go.

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Study: Real Photos Better Than Stock Photos

Marketing Experiments Blog – This Just Tested: Stock images or real people? So what were the results? Well, Mrs. Generic finally met her match. It appears that an attractive smile is not a match for a good name. Overall, the … Continue reading

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90,000 Strong Botnet Trying to Break in to WordPress Sites

Ars Technica – Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet: Security analysts have detected an ongoing attack that uses a huge number of computers from across the Internet to commandeer servers that run the WordPress blogging application. … Continue reading

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My Latest Invention – The Facebook Clip Show

You know how, when The Simpsons needs some material post haste, they piece together a clip show from pieces of previous Simpsons episodes? So what do the same thing, but with Facebook posts? And if you aren’t following me on … Continue reading

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Using WordPress? Install Better WP Security to See How Many People are Trying to Break Into Your Site

I’m writing an article for work about WordPress security. Part of the process is trying different WordPress security plugins. One of the plugins I tried it Better WP Security, a Swiss army knife of security tools. One of its features … Continue reading

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Ice Storm Here in Knoxville. What Would Bear Grylls Do?

But hey, at least we got a cool name for our ice storm: KHHAAAAANN!

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Jeff at could use a little help

He’s trying to make it until his first unemployment check comes in.

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