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Printer. My old foe. We meet again.

“Printer not found on network” is the new PC LOAD LETTER ERROR.

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I needed to print something

I needed to print something. I fought the printer for 10 minutes, doffed my hat to the victorious output device, then quit the field of battle.

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Conversation About a Thermostat

::interior, conference room:: ME: Before we start, do you think it’s a little hot in here? CLIENT: I was thinking the same thing. ::checks thermostat:: CLIENT: Whoa. Someone set the thermostat on 80. ME: It was probably my wife. CLIENT: … Continue reading

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Conversation about the s-word

ME: What did you learn in school? KATIE: We talked about the s-word. ME: Which s-word? KATIE: What mommies and daddies have before they have babies. ME: Oh. You mean se—ctional sofas, so the family can sit together in the … Continue reading

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A new study claims that Louis Pasteur didn’t perform his most famous experiments. The paper’s authors believe Pasteur’s dad did the experiment while his mom went to buy posterboard and that “the parents were probably up until frikkin’ 3 AM … Continue reading

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Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV vs Netflix and Chromecast

This is a followup to my Amazon Fire TV review. If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to read the review first. The Fire TV is great, but before you buy one there’s just one thing you have … Continue reading

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Review of the Amazon Fire TV

We had a TV problem at the house. The kids wanted to watch TV in the living room, because that’s where the TiVo lives. The den only had a Wii that connected to Netflix. We had an Amazon Prime subscription … Continue reading

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Conversation while watching “Curse of Oak Island” on the History Channel

ANNOUNCER: The Mystery Stone contains indecipherable symbols and the letter G carved inside a box. Could this be a sign of the Masons? ME: So the Masons buried the treasure on Oak Island? MELISSA: It’s always the Masons doing stuff … Continue reading

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11 Year Blogiversary

My first blog post was 11 years ago tomorrow. In the past 11 years sometimes I’ve blogged more and sometimes less. It’s been almost two months since my last post, which is a personal record. There are lots of reasons … Continue reading

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Natalie with Wet Hair and Mommy’s Glasses

No time to blog about the news, so here’s a nice pic of Natalie. For a long time I’ve been been doing the conventional thing of chasing sharpness. Now I’m playing around with soft focus.

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Conversation about Opposite Day

7 YEAR OLD NATALIE: Can I? ME: Nope. Sorry. 7 YEAR OLD NATALIE: Can I pleeease? ME: Nope. 7 YEAR OLD NATALIE: Today is Opposite Day. If you say I can’t, that means I can. ME: It’s Opposite Day? 7 … Continue reading

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Meet the Beatles

Nine year old Katie has discovered the Beatles. Now she can listen to my Beatles albums and we can talk about those together. Beatlemania sure beats the heck out of Bieber Fever.

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Happy 9th Birthday, Katie

Hi, Katie. Another year, and another post so that when you’re grown up you can read this and remember what your early years were like. This was the year of Legos. We went to Legoland Atlanta and a Lego build … Continue reading

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Dark Houses are Dark

The power went out a couple of hours ago. I woke up, probably because without the AC the house got warm, and never went back to sleep. The electricity came on a few minutes ago, so here I am. When … Continue reading

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Double Edged Safety Razors – Screw You, Big Razorblade

Vodkapundit – Hirsute Hipsters Have Harrowing Habits Harrowing, that is, if you’re in the business of selling disposable razors: Procter & Gamble (PG), which rules the category with Mach-3-maker Gillette, said its razor sales are falling in developed markets. This … Continue reading

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