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Are you listening or waiting for your turn to talk?

This graphic from Facebook reminded me of a scene in the extended version of Pulp Fiction. In the extended version, Vince (John Travolta) goes to pick up Mia (Uma Thurman) for their night out. She greets him with a video … Continue reading

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DSLR Video – “Higher Calibre, Higher Mindedness: The Story of YoGun”

So last weekend Melissa and I went to the Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival. The idea was for teams to shoot a four minute in 24 hours. The required elements were: A bounty hunter. A large body of water. The … Continue reading

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NRA Dispels Conspiracy Theories About Large Federal Ammo Purchases

Good stuff. Much of the concern stems from a lack of understanding of the law enforcement functions carried about by officers in small federal agencies. These agents have the power to make arrests and execute warrants, just like their better-known … Continue reading

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Aleksey Vayner is Dead

Daily Mail – ‘Do not, anyone, sell this idiot ANY pills!’ The desperate last messages to former Yale student infamous for ‘Impossible is Nothing’ résumé who is reportedly ‘dead at age 29 from an overdose’ Vayner was someone I had … Continue reading

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New Tumblr Thing – WTF, Evolution?

The burnt hotdog evolved in the ocean millions of years ago. This mutation later provided the perfect camouflage to protect it at Boy Scout camps and tailgate parties. Poor frog:  

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The Word Genius is Used Too Often

But this is genius.

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DxOMark Scores for Mobile Phone Cameras

DxOMark now has test results for mobile phone camera. Tops right now are the Nokie 808 Pureview, Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 4s, and Apple New iPad.

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Canon Finally Enters the Mirrorless Camera Market

Canon released the Canon EOS M mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It uses a new, smaller lens mount. It can use existing Canon EF lenses using a $199 adapter. Lots of mirrorless cameras have lens adapters. One nice touch on Canon’s … Continue reading

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Tough as a Tiffany lamp, hot as a Boston summer

On Facebook JayG mentioned the heatwave up in his Massachusetts stomping grounds. I grew up in Tennessee. We have mild winters and hot summers. I figured if northern states have supercold winters it just stands to reason they’d have mild … Continue reading

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Least Self-aware Person

From via MetroPulse: My Worst Fear As a Mother-to-Be? A Burning Cross on Our Front Lawn Right now, I’m four months pregnant with a biracial baby, and I live in the South. In a small town. My husband, Fred, … Continue reading

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The State of Florida’s Lousy Case Against George Zimmerman

Tom Maguire – The George Zimmerman Bail Hearing It’s hard to pick the lowest of the low, but the darker moments for the prosecution included: – The admission by co-lead investigator that he had not personally interviewed George Zimmerman; – … Continue reading

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#GameofThrones: Joffrey is redecorating the castle. Pro Tip: you can never go wrong with a Van Halen poster.

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Why Rick Santorum Hates Libertarians Like Me and Vice Versa

Turns out Rick Santorum is against everything I’m for as a libertarian. I knew that already, but it’s amazing to see him spell it out in so many words. I’m proudly one of those libertarians who thinks the government should … Continue reading

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Interest Rates on Portugese Bonds Hits 15%

Portugal 10 Year Yield Passes 15% For The First Time, Is Where Greek 10 Year Was In August And Greek bonds recently hit 415%.

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