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Obama Administration is Cool With States Legalizing It

Reactions to DOJ Marijuana Memo: Dismay, Exuberance, Skepticism. Under Obama, the Department of Justice has carried on the Bush administration policy of prosecuting medical marijuana clinics, even in states where they were as legal as doctors slingin’ Xanax, Valium, and … Continue reading

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Wants to Legalize It

CNN – Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I changed my mind on weed In 1944, New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia commissioned research to be performed by the New York Academy of Science. Among their conclusions: they found marijuana did not lead … Continue reading

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U.S. Only Country That Spends More on Prisons Than Policing

NY Times – Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets: “The United States today is the only country I know of that spends more on prisons than police,” said Lawrence W. Sherman, an American criminologist on the faculties of … Continue reading

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Discussion of America’s Status as the World’s Biggest Jailer

The other day I mentioned that the U.S. was the world’s biggest prison population per capita. That lead to an informative and friendly discussion with Mike why that might be. Here’s a recap. I hope to keep the discussion going … Continue reading

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Rielle Hunter Book Sells Just 6,000 Copies

Rielle Hunter’s book tour about affair with John Edwards comes to an end after just 6,000 copies are sold I caught the Rielle Hunter interview on 20/20 a few weeks ago. She came across as surprisingly non-loony. And you could … Continue reading

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Pasadena Says Goodbye to R2 SpeeD2

Pasadena is discontinuing its red-light camera program, citing “lack of enforcement from Los Angeles County courts, time wasted by Pasadena police officers and questions about the cameras’ effectiveness in improving traffic safety.” That’s OK. The cameras have already served their … Continue reading

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New Jersey Suspends Red Light Cameras

Michael Silence – Government should not use citizens as cash cows’: On Tuesday, officials from the state Department of Transportation suspended the program after learning 63 of the 85 red-light cameras in New Jersey were not tested to ensure yellow … Continue reading

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If You Need One Reason Obama Won’t Win

It’s still the economy, stupid. Hat tip to LauraW.

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North Dakota May Eliminate Property Taxes

New York Times – North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax: “I would like to be able to know that my home, no matter what happens to my income or my life, is not going to be taken away from me … Continue reading

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NYC Wants to Ever-so-slightly Legalize It

From Bob S.: The New York City Police Department, the mayor and the city’s top prosecutors on Monday endorsed a proposal to decriminalize the open possession of small amounts of marijuana, giving an unexpected lift to an effort by Gov. … Continue reading

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Walker Wins WI Recall Vote by 15 Points; Public Unions Hardest Hit

Forbes – Governor Walker’s Victory Spells Doom For Public Sector Unions: This fight is not without precedent. Progressive patron saint Franklin Delano Rooseveltwho more than any other president set our country on a course away from the founding principles of … Continue reading

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Obama Does Not Want to Legalize It

One of the few things I liked about Obama going in to the ’08 elections was that he promised to not step on states rights with regards to medical marijuana. Turns out that was Candidate Obama talking. President Obama had … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’ is Meetin’ with Reality

NY Times – Shortfall in California’s Budget Swells to $16 Billion: The state budget shortfall in California has increased dramatically in the last six months, forcing state officials to assemble a series of new spending cuts that are likely to … Continue reading

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Obama 2008 Flashback: “Inflating Tires Better Than Oil Drilling”

Obama Insists Inflating Tires Better Than Oil Drilling How’s that tire inflation energy policy working out?

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First John Edwards cheats on his cancer-stricken wife with Rielle Hunter and has a love child …

and now it turns out he was sleeping with prostitutes? Nice guy. DNAInfo – John Edwards is First Name Uncovered in ‘Millionaire Madam’ Investigation: A call girl working for alleged “Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina told investigators she was paid to … Continue reading

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