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I needed to print something

I needed to print something. I fought the printer for 10 minutes, doffed my hat to the victorious output device, then quit the field of battle.

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iThemes Security WordPress plugin has a great new feature

WordPress installations often get broken into by brute force guessing of the password for the “admin” account. Changing the administrator account to something other than “admin” is the single best thing you can do to improve WordPress security. My favorite … Continue reading

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Court: Not infringement to use competitor’s trademark in Google AdWords

Harvard Journal of Law and Technology – Using a Competitor’s Trademark as a Keyword for AdWords is Not Trademark Infringement: The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that the use of a competitor’s trademark as a … Continue reading

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My Million Dollar iPhone Idea

I figured out a way to make a million dollars. I’m going to make a smartphone that’s exactly like the iPhone in every way except it vibrates loud enough you don’t miss half of your calls.

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Did someone just try to hijack the domain?

I got this email from GoDaddy saying that the transfer of to GoDaddy failed. I didn’t try to transfer my domain. So what happened – did someone try to hijack the domain?

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Run PHP code in a WordPress widget

I had an advertiser who wanted his link to appear in the right sidebar of the site, but only on the home page of site. Sidebar widgets usually appear throughout the site, so I had to figure out how to … Continue reading

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Cloudflare Update Week 2

Last week saw a 17% increase in page speed compared to the control period before using Cloudflare. I had a feeling I wasn’t seeing the full speed boost. Because has so many pages and images, it seemed likely that … Continue reading

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Cloudflare One Week Update

Last week I routed the domain through Cloudflare. Their service serves as a content delivery network (CDN). They have locations around the world and can deliver files faster than my one location. When a browser requests a file, Cloudflare … Continue reading

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Turning on Cloudflare

Speed is good – there are plenty of studies linking server speed and sales conversions on e-commerce sites. I’ve set a goal of getting our average page load time below three seconds as measured by Google Analytics. One way to … Continue reading

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Something Evil About Robots.txt I Didn’t Know

Quick background: A robots.txt file on your website will tell search engines and other bots that obey the robot exclusion standard what files and folders they can and can’t index, or whether they can access the website at all. I’ve … Continue reading

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I’m all the time needing to paste text sans formatting. I’ve been using tricks like pasting into the browser’s search box and then copying and pasting that, or pasting into Notepad to clear the formatting. Turns out you can use … Continue reading

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Facebook App Draining Batteries

The recent news reports are for iOS, but some people are seeing the same thing with Android. When I got my iPhone 5 the battery would last a day. Apple replaced it for that and other reasons, but I did … Continue reading

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DSLR Video – Syncing a Movie with External Audio in Adobe Premiere

This guy shows how. Just what I needed. The only thing you need is Audacity, which is free and good. The video is for Premiere Elements, but the idea is the same for Premiere Pro and not that different for … Continue reading

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Adobe is Going to Subscription Pricing for Photoshop and Other Creative Suite Apps

The whole Creative Suite will be $50/month. Photoshop will be $10/month. Scott Kelby has a FAQ. Some people will win, some people will lose. I think the price for the whole CS – $600 a year – is a tad … Continue reading

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Cord Cutting: VLC Remote Control for Your Smartphone

More and more we’re connecting a laptop to the TV to watch video with VLC Media Player. The lack of a remote control was a nuisance. There are some USB-based remote controls with trackballs and keyboards for 30 or 40 … Continue reading

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