October 02, 2003

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Jay and I decided to try Smokin' Joes BBQ in Maryville. Once we were seated, Jay asked for an ashtray, only to find out that this is one barbecue joint that doesn't tolerate the evil weed of tobacco.

The waiter asked for our drinks, and I ordered a beer, only to find out that this is one barbecue joint that doesn't tolerate demon rum. Demon beer. Whatever.

We split. Thus endeth my first review of Smokin' Joes BBQ.

Lisa told us that Joe's has a permit now, so we tried it again tonight. Sure enough, Joe's now has demon beer. Also Anheuser-Busch and Miller products.

They still don't allow the evil weed, which just goes to show that some vices are more vicious than others. My alcohol consumption is sociable and light-hearted, like female nudity. Jay's tobacco consumption is offensive and disgusting, like male nudity.

Speaking of offensive, Smokin' Joes BBQ serves dinner rolls instead of hushpuppies, and they don't put enough sauce on the pulled pork. The cole slaw, however, was charming and delightful, like female nudity.

Posted by lesjones


Is that the place next to Los Amigos? We went in, didn't like the looks of it, and left. I did look at the menu, and they didn't have pulled pork which is what I was craving. This was about a month or so ago. So they have it now? Either way, I'm not sure it sounds like it's worth the trouble. Sonny's Arm Pit er, Real Pit Bar-b-q has improved somewhat and is a passable substitute for real barbecue.

Posted by: SK Bubba at October 02, 2003

That's the place: the restaurant with the empty parking lot next to Los Amigos, which is always packed because they have incredible food, muy cerveza, and ashtrays. Joe's has pulled pork, though I'm not sure if they call it that on the menu.

I haven't tried Sonny's in a couple of years, which was right when they opened. At the time, they didn't actually cook any sauce in with the BBQ. Just put it squirt bottles on the table. I'll have to try them again.

Lowell's Place has respectable BBQ and sides, plus Guinness on tap. I miss Rod, the British bartender who worked there when they first opened back when. Lowell's has the ambience of a place where a fight could break out, but it never does.

Posted by: Les Jones at October 02, 2003

I've heard good things about Lowell's. I'll have to try it. Re. the fights, though, some guy got killed there after a fight broke out just a few weeks ago. Stabbed, I believe.

Posted by: SK Bubba at October 03, 2003

Yikes. That's gotta hurt the old AAA rating.

They'll have to reset the sign out front that says "No work loss accidents or patrons murdered in ___ days."

Posted by: Les Jones at October 03, 2003

I was at Lowell's Place last weekend and set next to a very nice biker at the bar. Rod the British bartender is back! And he remembered me from when I used to go in there more often. They still have Guinness on tap. Also, they have all you can eat BBQ on Mondays and Thursdays. Good times. Now that the fatal stabbings have subsided, all is well.

Posted by: Les Jones at February 29, 2004

I've only really seen two serious fights break out at taverns. One, where these two huge guys got to squaring off and I was trying to back out of the way and one guy bumped into me. Figuring I was one of his opponents chums, he turned, cocked his fist, and then realized I had nothing to do with the situation. Quickly (and sincerely) apologized, then turned back and tackled the other fellow. Very surreal.

Posted by: Andrew at March 18, 2004

All good biker bars need a stabbing or shooting once in a while just to keep the yups on their toes and in line.

Posted by: MotoMel at January 25, 2005
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