September 10, 2004

Media Behaving Badly > C BS. C BS Run. Run, C BS, Run!

Rumor is that Dan Rather will talk more about the Killian document tonight on the CBS News, and try to prove that a 1973 typewriter could have produced the document. My TiVo is already programmed to record it.

INDC has led the way on the document questioning front. Go there and keep scrolling.

If the document's fake, whodunit? If called out as a fake, the document hurts Kerry. Let's see... If not called out as a fake, the document hurts Bush. Who benefits either way? Hillary Clinton.

What to call the forged document meltdown at CBS? Lots of people are calling it Rathergate. If you don't like that one, visit Pennywit and vote in the poll.

In other news, the Commissar found authentic documents that prove Kerry was in Cambodia.

CBS Sportsline got taken in by a forged document and mistakenly reported that Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis would sit out 8-12 weeks with a herniated disk. Via WizBang.

Joshua Micah Kennedy Onasis Jingleheimer Schmidt Marshall has doubts about the documents, as does Kevin Drum. (LATER: so does Matthew Yglesias.) Kevin at Leanleft didn't have any doubts, and then he did, and then he drank some more Kool-Aid and he now he doesn't again.

Gotta love this post from the comments at Roger Simon's. You know who verified the documents for CBS, right?

Just remember the end scene from original Indiana Jones movie (analysing the ark):

Government Man: Top People
Indy: Who?
Government Man: Top People.

Now doesn't CBS sound strangely familiar...

More after the 6:30 CBS News.

Posted by lesjones


even the most novice can look at "that" document and see a forgery. It ain't rocket science. pleeeeaaaaaaaaase

Posted by: kang at September 15, 2004
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