September 26, 2004

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Everything's going well. Mom and baby are OK.

Sorry for the lack of updates. After delivery they moved us to a post-partum room on another part of the same floor, and I could no longer get on the open wireless network I had found earlier.

Not that I didn't try to get online. After Melissa ate breakfast Saturday morning I walked down to Cumberland to get a bite to eat. I wanted some bacon, eggs, and biscuits, but all of the old greasy spoons - the Torch, Sam and Andy's, Vic and Bill's, and Varsity Inn - are gone now.

I figured I'd go to Panera Bread and use their free wi-fi to get online and post pictures. I could get online, but not to Panera's SonicWALL Content Filter blocked my site! Irony of ironies, the company I work for sells SonicWALL Content Filter. Darnit. I wandered around the outside of the hospital with a laptop last night trying to find that open wireless connection, but no dice.

I got to come home for a while Friday, but got called back before I could post anything. I'm home now for about four hours. I'm going back for one last night, and we'll all get to come home Monday.


Posted by lesjones


She's beautiful.I'm so glad everthing went so well. I can't wait to see her. Love Deb

Posted by: Deb Pelphrey at September 27, 2004
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