October 23, 2004

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Shotgun pics from The High Road and AR15.com. I have a non-tactical Mossberg 500 with a blued receiver and wooden stock. My only concessions to tacticality-ful-ness are an ammo butt cuff and forward flashlight mount. Which reminds me, I need to replace the Mini-Mag flashlight with a SureFire, which is roughly the equivalent of replacing a birthday candle with a star going supernova. Oh, and I wouldn't mind having an ammo sling (see the bottom gun in the second picture). I need one of those for killing zombies.

UPDATE: Several people have asked about the shotgun in the first picture. It's a customized FN Tactical Police Shotgun. The fourth picture down is closer to the stock version, but has a side saddle shell carrier and holosight. They sell for around $650. All of FN's shotgun are listed here.






Posted by lesjones

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Who Tends the Fires linked with Who was that Masked "Journalist", anyway?


Whenever I see the word 'tactical' I mentally replace it with the phrase 'tricked-out'. (Similarly, the word 'match' should be replaced by the word 'expensive', and the term 'mil-spec' should be replaced by the word 'black').

If you have a chance, pick up a Mossberg 590 - that's an inexpenisive, real fighting shotgun, miles ahead of the old 500 series. You want the version with the ghost-ring sights.

Posted by: Mike at October 24, 2004

Tactical Car, eh, Mike?

Posted by: Thibodeaux at October 24, 2004

Mike: I like those defiitions!

There are better guns out there now, but the 500 was the second gun I ever had. My parents got it for me when I was about 13. I don't expect I'll ever get rid of it. I do have a slug barrel with rifle sights, so it's actually a pretty good setup.

Posted by: Les Jones at October 24, 2004

can i get some more information or pics about the first gun (at the top of the page) at least it's name
thanks at all

Posted by: Fire arm at December 08, 2004

The pics need to be more flat... like a totally 90 degrees from the back> thats what i was looking for.

Posted by: kick ass man at January 09, 2005

Just picked up a Mosberg 590A1 w/ a 10 round sidewinder barrel mag. and the Copstock I love it. Both accessories are from Knoxx.


The Den.

Posted by: denone7 at February 24, 2005

on the 2nd pic (the one with 3 shotguns) on the top semi-auto shotgun what is the thing holding the 2 shells on the forearm right in front of the reciver and where can i get one?

Posted by: The Wizard at March 19, 2005

I had never noticed that. Can't say that I've ever seen one before.

Posted by: Les Jones at March 20, 2005

I just got one of the FN tactical shotguns and wanted to know how you fit the sidesadle to it.

Posted by: Dale at April 11, 2005

hello !!!

Posted by: amir at May 07, 2005

that thing in the second picture is called a "shot shell caddy", I know that they are made by Bushmaster but not sure what else.

Posted by: gunnut at May 11, 2005

HELL YEA man nice guns

Posted by: Fatboy and ALA at May 26, 2005

i just bought a fn tactical 12 ga. with the collapsible stock, ported barrell. i bought it on impulse rather than doing research first. i'm interested what the experts have to say. if i had the cash the benelli m4 would be the one. thanks.

Posted by: toby at July 29, 2005

the shotgun at the first picture is it on sale like that

Posted by: c-los at September 07, 2005

can anyone get me any info in where i can find the accesories that are on the grey fn? feel free to emeil me.

Posted by: MADDRUMMER at October 30, 2005

I see you have been asked this before and sorry to ask again . But very interested in the accessories on the shotgun displayed in first picture. Could you provide those please. Stock rail, sights etc...Thank you

Posted by: Eric at November 11, 2005


Posted by: NICK at June 03, 2006

This is driving me nuts... in the picture at the very bottom (where there's 2 shotguns) what is the one on the top? The shotgun that's packing the two pistol grips and looks very angular. I'm trying to figure out what it is. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!

Posted by: Evan at June 06, 2006

hey man can you buy that fn shotgun in the first pic just how it is if so tell me where i can check them out

Posted by: chad at July 02, 2006

hey, i have a collection of guns but want to trick-out my unpopular 12ga. Its a Springfield Savage Arms Model 67F. what can i do to make it a tactical weapon.

Posted by: Kevin at August 27, 2006

nice guns i've got the second one

Posted by: shooter at September 14, 2006

The first pic is in fact a prototype from Argonaut Armament, the base gun is a Remington 870. The stock adapter was produced for market, but sadly the rail system never made it out due to inconsistencies in barrel diameter and adapting to fit all. I recieved my stock adapter, but the company went out of business. I have literature and pics that came with the adapter if anyone is interested

Jared Wagner

Posted by: Jared Wagner at September 15, 2006


The training world is about to see a new
Tactical Shotgun entry. Based on FN's new
tactical model, this new model is the work
of a firm which goes by the name of RAP4.
What sets it apart from other models is the
fact that this one is designed to fire 0.68
caliber marking rounds, or as we prefer to
call them Non Lethal Training Munitions.
Initial deliveries are due to start late in

Andrew Van Der Plaats
Non Lethal Training Munitions, LLC

Posted by: Andy Van Der Plaats at September 17, 2006

where do i find one of those sight rails on the gun in the first pic

Posted by: ben at October 01, 2006

i just bought a fn police shotgun and i was wondering were i can get tac parts for it can you tell me a good site to go to.

Posted by: jeremy whatley at October 04, 2006

cool site

Posted by: matthew at October 18, 2006

the picture at the bottom with the 2 shotguns the shotgun at the bottom looks like the stryker off of resident evil 4\

Posted by: Nicolas at December 06, 2006

like several other comments, I have just recieved a FN tactical pump. Can you let me know how to set it up with the custom piccatenny rail and flip down frontsights

Posted by: jeff steen at December 26, 2006

I was just curious as to where you got that top rail for mounting the holo sights from on the very top picture. It would be great if you could get back to me at AirborneRLTW08@gmail.com Thanks Jaylon

Posted by: Jaylon Hallford at February 05, 2007

The gun above the drum fed is a Mossberg Bullpup. No longer made.

Posted by: jj at March 18, 2007

Do you know if anybody sells a rail sysytem like the first gun has on it for a mossberg 500A?
18.5 barrel - 8 shot
That would be so easy to set up w/ iron sights and optics. I am attaching the knoxx ind. specops stock as soon as it gets here, so I am working on sights now. Thanks for any info!!

Posted by: chad at March 31, 2007

What type of gun is that that at the top of the bottom picture?

I know its a Mossberg because my buddies got one, but what model number?

Posted by: Zane at December 03, 2007


Posted by: at January 26, 2008

Just a heads up. The first shotgun shown is not an FN. FN based there pump shotguns on the Winchester 1300 Defenders and they therfore have the safety forward of trigger and they do not have a round bolt. This appears to be a Remington 870.

Ah, yes and here is a link:

Posted by: Linds at April 16, 2008

Just a heads up. The first shotgun shown is not an FN. FN based there pump shotguns on the Winchester 1300 Defenders and they therfore have the safety forward of trigger and they do not have a round bolt. This appears to be a Remington 870.

Ah, yes and here is a link:

Posted by: Linds at April 16, 2008

What is the drum on the last pic? It's not the knoxx sidewinder... And would it have an adapter for my moss 590?

Posted by: MAN at July 08, 2008

Hey all, what is the very bottom shotgun and is it still being made? I'd love to have a Spas with an extended clip, though they don't make them anymore.


Posted by: Jeremiah at July 28, 2008

too funny. that last pic is of my maveric bull-pup and street sweeper dd, taken with my first digital camera. didn't expect to find it surfing. lol.

Posted by: pbrstreetgang at October 30, 2008
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