November 03, 2004

News > Bruce Springsteen Fails to Defeat President Bush


When Bruce Springsteen failed to defeat President Bush on his own, he combined with Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, Michael Stipe, and John Cougar Mellencamp to transform into MegaRokor. MegaRokor also failed to unseat Bush.

Here are some other things which failed to deliver a Bush upset: Fahrenheit 9/11, The Day After Tomorrow, Kerry being the taller candidate, Robert Redford threatening to move to Europe if Bush won, the new Bin Laden tape, Kerry's service in Vietnam, The Red Sox winning the World Series, the Washington Redskins losing the game before the election,'s millions and millions of dollars, George Soros's billions of dollars, and Dan Rather's fax of a scan of a photocopy of a Microsoft Word document.

Posted by lesjones


What a great day.

Posted by: Sam at November 03, 2004

Truly, it was the quintessential 'red letter day'. Michael Moore, P Diddy, Bruce, Barbra Steisand etc. etc. etc. etc. ALL LOST!

Posted by: Michael at November 11, 2004

Before 11-02-4 all you heard about on the news was Michael Moore, Springsteen, and the other legions of Hollywood assholes. 11-03-04 silent as a lamb!Geeez I wonder why!?

Posted by: Zeus at November 11, 2004

I wonder what the message of these hollywood types would be if the majority of the country supported president Bush and the war. They're not stupid, (at least not from a financial perspective) they realize that appealing to the majority sells more of their product.

Posted by: Anthony at October 13, 2007
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