January 13, 2005

Guns > Gun Links #29

This is the first new Gun Links since August, when I announced I was quitting through at least the end of 2004 because of the impending bambino. I'll be posting gun links every now and again but I won't promise any regularity -LJ

For F-Stop and other fans of director Michael Mann: a discussion of the gunplay in HEAT and Collateral, and who trained the actors in gunhandling.

James Rummel wears nylons. He thinks more gunowners should. I agree, since I often wear nylons, too.

Jeff Soyer has the latest check on the gun bias with an emphasis on the 60 Minutes piece on .50 caliber rifles.

Are bullets sterile after being fired from a gun? Answer: published studies say no.

Steve's Pages

wp-federal-coltgovernment-5-985.jpgI found this in the comments at John of Argghhh!!!'s. Steve has lots of information on reloading and plenty of general firearms and gun company information. (I had to use Internet Explorer to get the links to work on that second page.)

The terminal ballistics page is fascinating. Carmon Crapson tested a large number of loads for 20 calibers/chamberings by firing them into water and recording penetration and expansion. He also photographed the resulting bullet. Some of the .45s are nearly an inch in diameter when expanded. This isn't definitive - most people now use ballistic gelatin for this sort of testing, and even that isn't definitive - but it's still mighty interesting.

UPDATE: Sheepdog reminds me that it was his comment at Argghhh!!!!'s that linked to Steve's Pages. He also points to Goldenloki.com's tests in ballistic gelatin.

More Gun Links

  • SayUncle - "So, how many times do you think John Kerry’s been hunting since November?"
  • Jeff Cooper - December Commentaries. If you missed the November Commentaries, they're here.
  • John Farnam - New material from the Quips mailing list, including material added at the end of '04.
  • The High Road - Bic pens can defeat the locks on some gun safes, just as they can defeat some Kryptonite locks.
  • Smith &Wesson Forum - "Questions for dads: what guns do you get out and clean when your daughter's boyfriend comes over?"
  • NoQuarters - The A-Team exception to the Assault Weapons Ban.
  • Yours truly - What guns are you buying this year?

Gun Pic of the Week: Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun

I thought these were really cool-looking, but Kim Du Toit's review (and the comment left by one of his readers) cooled my ardor quite a lot, as did the fact that they weigh 12 pounds. If you're interested in them, check out SPAS12.com. You might also like this picture-filled post of tactical shotguns.


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sheepdog.blog-city.com linked with Denied!
sheepdog.blog-city.com linked with Denied! Feeling no lub!


Les buddy read here

Posted by: sheepdog at January 14, 2005

Sorry about that. I updated the post with the proper credit, and linked to your site and the Goldenloki page you linked to. Sweet.

Posted by: Les Jones at January 14, 2005

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