April 19, 2005

European Union > Bruce Bawer's "Hating America"

Bruce Bawer's Hating America. Bawer is an American who went to Europe assuming it was superior in every way to the US. Six years of living there has altered his viewpoint, and opened his eyes to persistent and illogical hatred of America. Here, he's discussing Jean-François Revel’s L’obsession anti-américaine, a primer on anti-Americanism in Europe.

Item by item, Revel refutes the European media’s picture of America. Poverty? An American at the poverty level has about the same standard of living as the average citizen of Greece or Portugal. (Indeed, according to a recent study by the Swedish Trade Research Institute, Swedes have a slightly lower standard of living than black Americans—a devastating statistic for Scandinavians, for whom both the unparalleled success of their own welfare economies and the pitiable poverty of blacks in the racist U.S. are articles of faith.)

I don't quote these dismal statistics on Europe for the sake of bashing Europe. I think it's terrible that so many Europeans are the victims of so many failed ideas - large-scale socialism, centrally-planned economies in general, de-population, pacifism, anti-Americanism, transnationalism. I cite the problems in Europe to argue that we shouldn't repeat their failed ideas unless we want to repeat their failures.

Posted by lesjones


I don't mind a little Europe bashing.

Somtimes you have to smack around you good friends to put some sense in them.

We will always be there for europe weather they like it or not. That alone gives us the right to bash them, the right only a good friend has.

Posted by: cube at April 19, 2005
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