April 23, 2005

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Found via trackback to this earlier post, Ewan Mackinnon has links to Google satellite images of famous landmarks, organized by state.

Oh, and here's Neyland Stadium from outerspace. The stair-stepped building on the left is the UT library. Hit the down arrow to see the Thompson-Boling Arena and basebal field. Scroll to the left of that for the track and outdoor swimming pool.

You can also drag and scroll to move around the image, use the cursor keys on your keyboard, and use page up, page down, home, and end.

Something else fun: start at any point on the Tennessee River (it's to the right of Neyland Stadium). Zoom in. Now follow the river up- or down- stream.

Google Maps rules.

Posted by lesjones


On the Knoxville shot there's major construction at the World's Fair park and at 129/Cumberland Avenue. When does that date this? Three years ago?

Posted by: Brian A. at April 24, 2005

Melissa was asking the same thing. I'd love it if Google would include the date the pictures were taken.

Posted by: Les Jones at April 24, 2005

From what I gather, the photos are 6-12 months old (according to Google) but my calculation they are 12-24 months old.

Posted by: Ewen at April 25, 2005
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