May 07, 2005

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Wrap-up from last night.

One of the first people to arrive was Kevin of Seriously Good, a Knoxville-based food blog. While we waited for other people to arrive I got his advice on kitchen knives. He really likes the Hustof Japanese-inspired knives.

I talked to Chris Wage of My Quiet Life more than anyone else. Chris is as nice and easy-going as I had guessed he'd be.

Mr. Roboto of Thursday Night Fever is a total character.

Met Chris Muir, the Day by Day cartoonist. I expect cartoonists to be disheveled, unkempt, and discombobulated, but he was sheveled, kempt, and combobulated. Very smooth guy.

Right after that I ran into Melissa at the bar and told her that I'd met Muir, and that cartoonists Cox and Forkum were around somewhere. It turns out she had been talking to Cox for about 15 minutes. I met Forkum right after that. He and Chris Wage were talking about blog comments and how hard it was for Cox and Forkum to keep up with them (which is why they mostly keep them turned off). Cox's day job is with a specialty auto industry paper in Nashville. Forkum sketched Muir and Reynolds during the party.

Got a chance to briefly speak to Henry Copeland of BlogAds. I'm looking forward to dinner with him tonight.

Met Eric Schieie of Classical Values. That was an unexpected pleasure. Had no idea he'd be there. I always thought he lived in California, but though he's from there and visits a lot, he lives in Philadelphia. Glenn Reynolds has a picture of him at the party here.

At that same link Glenn also has a picture of Hossein Derakshan of I met him briefly, but didn't really know who he was at the time. It turns out he's a pioneering Iranian blogger. He flew into BlogNashville from Toronto.

Melissa had a good time talking to Andi of Andi's World. Glenn Reynolds has a picture of her (third from the bottom in the pink sweater).

We briefly met Donald and Cathy Sensing for One Hand Clapping and talked about an appearance he did on Fox News that I had seen.

Eric Janssen of the Quixtar Blog is hilarious. He also the Memphis Commercial Appeal's tech blogger. The Appeal has a ton of other blogs, too.

Saw Glenn Reynolds of you-know-where, but didn't make it over to talk with him. He came late after his talk and left early to do this morning's opening talk. I'll probably see him today at Belmont.

Pat Hughes at has an interesting site. It's a catch-all site for Paulding County, Georgia. His traffic ranks him in the top 9,000 sites on the Internet, which ain't an easy thing to do anymore.

Met Blake from NashvilleFiles, and ran into him today at the conference.

It was a fun time. Very warm bunch of people, and very little political talk.

UPDATE: I'm reading other people's wrapups and remembering more people. I met Fishkite and ran into him again at the conference, and met Busy Mom and Rex Hammock. I may have forgotten to mention someone else, and if so I apologize. I was very glad to meet everyone.

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My Quiet Life linked with blognashville party
Countertop Chronicles linked with The Bloggin' Life


It was great meeting you. If you thought I was a character at that party, you should see me when it's not something I'm hosting; you saw me in prim and proper mode.

Drop us all a line next time you head this way.

Posted by: Mr. Roboto at May 08, 2005

Not complaining but it's Eric Janssen. Often misspelled.

It was great meeting you and your wife. Awesome time. Then I get to work this morning and read this stupid article about Nick Denton.

Nice meeting Mr. Roboto too!

Posted by: Eric Janssen at May 09, 2005

Hi, Eric. No excuse for the mis-spelling - I could have seen the correct spelling on your blog. Fixed now.

It was very nice to meet you. I'll buy you a drink any time you're in Knoxville.

Posted by: Les Jones at May 09, 2005

Eric, Melissa was surfing blogs and told me that you also do Quixtar Blog. I didn't realize that. Cool stuff.

Posted by: Les Jones at May 09, 2005

Yes. I do Quixtar Blog. Webraw/Blog. The Plug-In blog for The Commercial Appeal. QBlog Radio (which is a companion podcast blog connected to Quixtar Blog) and a couple of other blogs that I can't think of right now.

I blog too much. However, much of my energy has been poured into Quixtar BLOG lately.

If you're ever in Memphis I'll buy you a drink AND feed you some of the best BBQ you've ever had.

Posted by: Eric Janssen at May 09, 2005
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