June 07, 2005

Misc > Dude! Free Beer and Lap Dances!

From The Smoking Gun via ace reporter Randall Brown.

In a bid to crack down on strip clubs and adult video stores, the city fathers of Knoxville, Tennessee allowed a private investigator to use municipal funds to pay for lap dances, beers, and tips to female dancers. P.I. Greg Lundy was paid about $100 an hour for his investigative forays to seven establishments, including the Last Chance Adult Theater and Mouse's Ear West, according to the below affidavit Lundy provided to municipal officials (who were seeking to determine if the X-rated establishments were adhering to city regulations). During visits in April and May, Lundy spread around $300 in city cash at the nudie joints.

Why can't I ever find odd jobs like that? Lundy's report is a freakin' riot.

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Just a note. The free guns is a monthly post and I put another one up today. Lots of evil black rifles and handguns this time, including a Dale Earnhardt tribute shotgun.


Posted by: gunner at June 07, 2005

Dude! Free guns!

Posted by: Les Jones at June 07, 2005
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