June 18, 2005

Blogging > Bubba Decloaks (UPDATED)

After veiled threats from Metro Pulse publisher Brian Conley to reveal his identity, Bubba has revealed his identity so it couldn't be held over him. Good for him and shame on Conley.

Anyone thinking of blogging anonymously should think about this situation and how they'd handle it. If you're not prepared to do what Bubba did and reveal your identity when it's being used as leverage against you, then you shouldn't blog anonymously.

LATER: Bubba posted the complete email exchange that led up to this.

LATER STILL: Michael Silence has a roundup and this comment:

I never asked who he is. I saw no compelling reason to out him. The question was even posed from time to time at the KNS whether we should try and out him, and the answer always came back to, "why?"

Yep. I didn't know Bubba's identity, but it wouldn't have been hard to figure out. He lives in Blount County, I've lived most of my life here. I saw several of his pictures of the Smoky Mountains and thought "He must live in that new subdivision off of Hunt Road." (I'm not giving anything away by saying that - he's already posted his complete street address on his blog.)

One day Melissa and I were looking at houses in that neighborhood and I thought of Bubba and his other pictures. I looked for the iron fence, and the thing on the other side of it that I thought was a cemetery, but which turned out to be a golf course when I found his house. It would have been trivial to look up property records to find his name, but there wasn't any point. I didn't need to know. Any anyway I figured we'd meet socially at some point and he could tell me his name if he felt like it.

Posted by lesjones


That whole situation is unfortunate. Bubba has always been a stand-up guy, from what I can tell and from what I've heard about him. If Conley gets his panties in a wad over valid criticism regarding an embarrassing puff piece in his paper, he needs to get some psychiatric help. And anyone who would have a problem with doing business with Bubba (or anyone else for that matter) because of differences in political views needs to get a life.

Posted by: Preston Taylor Holmes at June 20, 2005

Yeah, even ignoring the part relating to Bubba's identity, Conley was thin-skinned and unprofessional.

Posted by: Les Jones at June 20, 2005
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