February 22, 2006

Blogging > Limited Edition Third Anniversary Collector's Edition Post

In cooperation with the Franklin Mint LesJones.com is proud to offer this limited edition third anniversary blog post.

Each copy includes a certificate of authenticity of its special unique one-of-a-kindness. This investment-grade post is composed of pure blogonium, with HTML crafted in the old world style.

To further enhance your enjoyment of this anniversary post, it is numbered with a unique Sitemeter hit count. Once this limited-edition post is exhausted, no more will be issued, and anyone wanting a copy will be taunted and teased.

In lieu of attaboys in comments, please gush over the excellent craftsmanship of this and other fine Franklin Mint products.

Posted by lesjones


My Franklin Mint Elf Miniatures are the showpiece of my house and my proudest possession.

Posted by: Bill Gates (the famous one) at February 22, 2006

Sorry, I was looking for collectible Hummel figurines.

Posted by: Busy Mom at February 22, 2006

My Princess Di Figurines were the best present I got at my going away to prison party, and are the envy of everyone on my cell block.

Posted by: Inmate #739712 at February 22, 2006
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