September 02, 2005

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tam_s.jpgI went to Coal Creek Armory tonight after work to shoot. When I was swapping guns at the rental counter Tamara asked for my name. I don't know Tamara on a first name basis, but I knew of her from gun boards like Smith &Wesson Forum and The High Road where she's a frequent and thoughtful poster. (If Tamara and I have different opinions on guns, there's an excellent chance she's right and I'm wrong.)

I told her my name and she said, "Oh, so you're Les Jones." Since I knew her from those boards I just automatically assumed she knew me from the same. Then she mentioned she had a blog, View from the Porch, at I told her I had a blog, but she already knew that. She had searched for "coal creek armory," found my blog, and decided that since so many people had blogs she'd start one, too.

From Tamara's blog I found out that Markos Kloos - another Knoxville gun nut, S&W nut, and gun board poster - has a blog. I've added them both to the blogroll.

Oh, and Tamara points to a Coal Creek Armory Internet Shoot Day on Saturday, September 3.

So tonight I shot a Para-Ordnance P14 LDA (a 14 round .45 1911 with a Glock-like trigger) similar to this and a Beretta 92F 9 mm. Tamara asked me what I thought of the Para. I told her the grip was a little too beefy, so I'll stick with single-stack 1911s. Turns out she agrees. The Beretta is a pretty nice gun. Sights and (SA) trigger are excellent, though I don't like DA/SA autos so I'd never buy one. It's probably been eclipsed by the Glock and SIG, but it wasn't a bad gun in its day.

LATER: I went to Coal Creek Armory today and bought the H&R shotgun she mentioned here.

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Tamara's pretty cool, but I didn't know she had a blog. I really like that MP5 they rent.

Posted by: countertop at September 02, 2005

"Pretty cool"?!?!?!?!?!?

1. She likes guns.

2. And motorcycles.

3. And works in a gun store.

Dude, that's like the freakin' trifecta in my book.

The fact that she's easy on the eyes doesn't hurt, either...

Posted by: Jay G at September 04, 2005

My father does not, however, own a liquor store. ;-)

Posted by: Tam at September 05, 2005

Got gout. Don't drink. Liquor store is completely irrelevant.

Gun store, OTOH... :)

Posted by: Jay G at September 05, 2005

I was just up at Coal Creek, and wanted to shoot, but it started feeling a little like a government background check combined with military range BS, and I was told I would have to wait for the orientation before I could shoot, but the subgenius who was holding things up couldn't read his form so I didn't feel like spending a half hour before I got to shoot, that and they won't let you rent anything full auto until your third visit, so I bailed, and won't be back.
I wouldn't want to own a public range, because I know all that crap they put you through is necessary, but after my military experience, I'm generally nervous around untrained civilians anyway, and doubly so for West Knoxville suburbanites, and I damn sure don't feel like being herded around with them, so I go to Norris.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at September 06, 2005

If you had asked me, you would have found that your .mil ID would have sufficed.

Ultimate Ninja or Hapless Soccer mom, insurance is insurance. We're sorry that our telepathic powers didn't pick up on your Special Forces (no doubt) background.

Posted by: Tam at September 06, 2005

I know about the insurance, and I empathize. I just hate getting treated like I'm some sort of Wal-Mart Rambo, which, unfortunately, you have to do when someone you don't know has a gun on your property, which is another reason I don't go to the John Sevier range anymore either.
I don't have a military ID anymore, not for a few years now, so that wouldn't have done me any good. It was really just my impatience at having to wait around, and like I said, I'm nervous around armed people I don't know, I've seen too many AD's at close proximity, and West Knox people are bad enough unarmed, so I bailed, and I was considering giving it another try, but your last remark is just a little too smartass to let go, so I won't be back since you obviously don't need my business.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at September 06, 2005

After reading the comments in which you assert your unhappiness about your experience with Coal Creek Armory. I tend to want to help you in your moment of grief. It reminds me of an experience a friend of mine once had. Let's just call him Chris. Chris whined and cried fiercely after being told that there were legal ramifications as well as a moral obligation to provide a safe experience to others when providing a fully automatic firearm to someone who could possibly be an escapee from the loony bin. Chris was beginning to feel like his ego had taken a swift kick to the ass. Not realizing that the problem was in his ego and not the safeguards that were in place to protect the untrained " suburbanites ". Regarding the AD's...Will penicillin cure that?. Bet it's embarassing in public. Get well soon!

Posted by: CCA Kicks Ass! at September 23, 2005
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