September 13, 2005

Guns > 10 Gun Questions for Sean Penn

penn-shotgun.jpgIt turns out that brown water navy stud Sean Penn is a gun guy. Maybe a hard-core he-butch man like Penn can get large and in charge and settle some long-standing debates for us clueless gunnies.

And while we're at it:

UPDATE: Submitted to the Beltway Traffic Jam. Also, SayUncle has more questions for Penn:

2 - So, you’re like a convicted, violent criminal, right? You know you’re not even supposed to, like, own a gun; but you do? And you carry one. Oh, you’re rich and above the law. I got ya.

UPDATE 2: Kitty has a scan of the original NY Post article.

Posted by lesjones

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Resistance is futile! linked with Carnival of Cordite #30


"hard-core he-butch man"


Posted by: Lisa at September 13, 2005

funny. But what makes you think Sean Penn would ever read this post in order to answer those questions? He'd have to, like, know how to work a computer thingie.

no way, dude.

Posted by: annika at September 15, 2005
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