October 24, 2005

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I've had a bad cough ever since I went backpacking two weekends ago. The temperature was down in the 40s, I was congested, and I breathed cold air through my mouth all night. The next day I woke up with a hoarse cough that's gotten worse.

I've decided what I've got is the croup, because that's the funniest disease name I could think of. The croup sounds like a disease you get from watching Little House on the Prairie. Any minute now I'll probably break out in dropsy and consumption. I can't decide if I should treat it with patent medicine or a good old-fashioned poultice.

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Try Jagermeister. Two cups, ever two hours.

Posted by: countertop at October 24, 2005

I wish I had caught a disease from "The Waltons." Then the two sisters could have given me some of their "secret recipe."

Posted by: Les Jones at October 24, 2005

Well, leeches might help... Everyone needs a good bloodletting now and again.

Posted by: Barry at October 24, 2005
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