January 04, 2006

Polls > How Could Jack Abramoff Look More Evil?

03cnd-abra.184.jpgInfluence peddler and all-around bad man Jack Abramoff plead guilty yesterday to charges of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud. He left the hearings wearing a black trenchcoat and black fedora.

How Could Jack Abramoff Look More Evil?
Glowing red eyes
Stainless steel hooks for hands
Robotic skull beneath latex flesh mask
Half of face burned with chemicals during fight with the Batman

LATER: Barry has some write-in votes. One option I thought of after posting the poll: sadistic monkey companion. Everyone looks evil with an attack monkey on their shoulder.

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He needs Jaws style metal teeth.

Posted by: Stormy Dragon at January 04, 2006

Abramoff reminds me of the newer version of Lex Luthor, the one where he heads Lexcorp...Crooked capitalism taken to its worst extreme. I hope it brings down the Republican Party, we've had one party rule too long in this country. Lord Acton always applies.

Posted by: ANGRYWOLF at January 04, 2006

All the pictures I've seen before this are cropped closer to his face.

With his gut, he looks much less evil. I mean, how can you be an evil mastermind manipulator when you can't even control your own weight?

Posted by: Paul Simer at January 04, 2006

Oh, man, Jaws teeth would be totally evil.

Paul: that's not a spare tire. That's a thermonuclear device!

Posted by: Les Jones at January 04, 2006

Not only did Abramoff pick a bad wardrobe, he also has one of those unfortunate names with a double entendre. Jack Abramoff, meet Amanda Huggankiss. She's a second cousin to Amanda Holder and Mike Rotch.

Posted by: Chris Range at January 05, 2006

what about a mini-Abramoff?

I think tommy guns would be a cool addition to the disguies.

"I hope it brings down the Republican Party, we've had one party rule too long in this country."

of course we had like 30 plus years of the democrats.

Posted by: cube at January 05, 2006
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