January 31, 2006

Environment > The Hockey Stick Graph of Global Warming Hysteria

From Alarming News:

Today- Climate risk 'worse than thought'

January 8, 2004- Global Warming 'far, far worse than we thought'

April 18, 2002- Climate change worse than predicted

July 12, 2001- Global warming 'worse than feared'

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Now we are up to $2 BILLION per year to be shown that the Greenland ice melt is raising the ocean level by 0.008 inches,or little more than a sheet of posterboard paper.We have too many in this country who bullshit their way to the big money at the expense of our citizens.Any moron with a little computer knowledge can prepare a weather forecast to show anything he wants it to.The art of lies,damned lies,and statistics.

Posted by: Richardsdot at February 04, 2006
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