February 02, 2006

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So I knew I was married before. There was that ring, and the ceremony, and the honeymoon. Then a month ago Melissa and I switched cars, because it was getting too hard for her to drive her two-door and to get Katie in and out of the car seat now that she's five months pregnant. I noticed a few weeks ago that I stopped saying "my car" and "your car" and now I just say "Honda" or "Mercury." That pretty much seals the marriage thing for me.

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And when your kids are teenagers and need braces, you'll have to drive old crappy cars and will devise interesting nicknames for them.

For example, when I was 13 and with my mom on a shopping run, I had to extinguish her 1989 Volvo station wagon because the fuel line had ruptured. This was after pushing a smoking car 150 feet off the busy road in 5 PM traffic.

A few years later the Volvo (which had electrical problems from the fire that were impractical to fix) became my first car. I affectionately called it "Old Flamer" and a local painter still uses it as his work car.

Now the wife and I share a 97 Sable with 120k miles that runs great. I have to shake my head when people pity me for my "Old Car".

Count your blessings, name them one by one...

(I still keep a good-size fire extinguisher in the Sable, just in case it becomes nickname worthy someday...)

Posted by: Paul Simer at February 01, 2006

Good advice. We're passing on a lot of luxuries right now to have kids and pay Melissa's tuition while we live on one income. All worth it, though. Funnily enough, that Mercury is a 98 Sable. :-)

Posted by: Les Jones at February 02, 2006

At least you haven't named them. Our vehicles are "Myrna" and "Pearline."

Posted by: Benson at February 02, 2006

Have you replaced your coolant reservoir tank?


You will. I'd have one on hand. :)

Posted by: Paul Simer at February 02, 2006

I've got 3 girls. 2 are in braces and one starts driving next year. I can't drive anything but decade-old used cars until about 2016. Our cars already have nicknames, pink ribbon magnets and soccer ball antenna toppers.

I'm beginning to understand why we go buy Mustangs and Harleys when the kids are out of the nest.

Posted by: Christopher Range at February 02, 2006


We did the car swap thing when our daughter was born (second kid). The Accord, being that it was a Honda and paid for and smaller than the mungo gas-guzzlin' Durango, suddenly became the car I drove.

Interestingly enough, though, that the Durango replaced my first new car, a Ram 4X4 pick-up. Which followed a succession of beater cars through college and graduate school. None of which were ever "OUR" car. The Ram, though, was "OUR" truck...


Posted by: Jay G at February 02, 2006
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