February 08, 2006

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So I'm reading a recent Phil Greenspun piece that mentions time management strategies, and it got me thinking about what organizational and time management habits I've tried. I'm not the world's most organized person, but I mostly get along OK. Here are the things that have worked for me:

  • Using calendars and reminders, which nowadays at work is Outlook.
  • Using to-do lists. I like scratching items off the list and seeing what I've finished.
  • Related to to-do lists, having a whiteboard in the office and at home. The kitchen whiteboard is also where we keep the grocery list and leave messages and reminders for each other.
  • Using money management software (Quicken) to keep track of checks, deposits, and recurring expenses, then using the reports to prepare taxes.
  • As much as possible, having a place for everything - bookshelf, toolbox, filing cabinet, mail inbox, screw cabinet, etc. - so I know where to put it and where to find it.

One of the niftier tips I ever read was to have a place for semi-keepsakes. Things like greeting cards, movie tickets, etc. Stuff that's not so great that you'd want to frame it, but that has just enough sentimental value that you kinda hate to crumple it up, toss it in the wastebasket, and yell "two points!" Melissa and I use that trick to pack away clutter and bits of paper that would otherwise skulk around on horizontal surfaces for years. I put mine in a cookie tin; she uses a drawer.

What tips do you use to keep organized, on time, and decluttered?

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'What tips do you use to keep organized, on time, and decluttered?'

I got married ;)

Posted by: SayUncle at February 07, 2006

Funny, that's what my wife did. :-)

Posted by: Les Jones at February 07, 2006

Scan them, then you can toss the hard copy.

Posted by: perpster at February 08, 2006

Digital copies are sometimes even more ephemeral than hard copies, depending on your backup policies.

I use web based programs for a lot of my tasks (but my job keeps me near a computer nearly 10 hours a day so that may not work nicely for others). I find backpackit to be quite handy for creating quick "to do" lists. I just started looking into another web based organization system for the same sort of use.

Posted by: Brian at February 08, 2006
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