March 06, 2006

Home Life > Katie Day 529 - the Knoxville Zoo

We spent the day at the zoo. Katie's been before, but the last time was six months ago and she's more aware now. The highlight of the day was teaching her to make monkey sounds. (Oh, and from the audio exhibit we learned that the "hoo hoo hoo" monkey sound is a friendly greeting.)

Katie is developing at an amazing clip lately. In the last month she's learned to put on her shoes and how to climb onto the couch. She's leading us by the hand to what she wants. She can look at animals in a book and point to corresponding pets and stuffed toys in the house, she can imitate a cat's meow, and we think she knows what we mean when we spell P-A-S-S-Y.

On the talking front, the dam hasn't burst, but it is springing leaks. She now says "yeah yeah" in addition to "no no," and she's trying to say "milk."

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