March 22, 2006

Travel > Meet Us in Manhattan Next Week

Melissa and I are going to Manhattan next week for a Nielsen-Norman conference on e-commerce. We're hoping to meet a few people while we're there. If you're a blogger or regular commenter in New York and want to put a name to a face, drop me a line. The conference is Friday during the day, but we're pretty much wide open other than that. We're staying in mid-town. Let's get together for a meal or a drink.

We're also looking for ideas for where to go. We've been to Manhattan once before for our honeymoon and did all of the usual tourist stuff on the New York Pass - Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, U.S.S. Intrepid, the Met, the MOMA, the Museum of Natural History, etc.

What else should we do? We're interested in places, neighborhoods, and restaurants.

We'd like to see another play, but can't find tickets for any big name shows. We might wind up at the last minute ticket booth near Times Square. Any good off-Broadway stuff we should see that isn't dark and disturbing?

One limit we've got is that Melissa will be eight months pregnant, so we don't plan on a lot of walking. We're thinking about taking the double decker bus tour again for one of the days.

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We took the NBC tour in Rockefeller Center last fall and it was suprisingly good. We got all of our Broadway tickets at the booth in Times Square.

Posted by: Deliverance at March 22, 2006

We liked the Rockefeller tour, too. I have some cool pictures of the Atlas Shrugged statue (that's what I call it anyway).

That reminds me. I've got an angle for some SNL tickets I need to work. We struck on tickets for The Daily Show.

I think we're going to wind up going to that booth.

Posted by: Les Jones at March 22, 2006

Forgot to mention we saw Sweet Charity (excellent), All Shook Up (across the street from TS booth, excellent) and an off Broadway that was terrible.

Also enjoyed walking around CPark area where a lot of celebrites live.

Posted by: Deliverance at March 22, 2006

If you feel like driving three and a half hours east I'll take you to the range... :)

Posted by: Jay G at March 22, 2006

Deliverance: thanks for the play recs.

Jay: I don't think the subway goes that far. :-)

Posted by: Les Jones at March 23, 2006
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