April 04, 2006

Blogging > New Captcha Program to Fight Spam

Following Michael Silence's lead I've installed SCode, a MovableType plugin that adds a captcha to the comment forms to keep out spambots. Thanks to Jigsha Desai at Knoxnews.com for identifying the program they're using and sending me the URL.

Installation was fairly easy. I had to ask my Web host to install the GD library and GD Perl module. One thing the instructions don't tell you but that's fairly obvious is that you have to change the file permissions on mt-scode.cgi and SCode.pl to make them executable on UNIX systems.

I hope this works. If it doesn't I'm inclined to close comments on posts older than a week. I'm trying to avoid that since some of those posts have ongoing comment threads, but I'm getting tired of deleting spam.

Email me if you experience any problems posting in comments.

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Sheesh, if all my blogger friends ran wordpress, I'd be famous!

Posted by: Chris Wage at April 04, 2006

Jeez, Chris, I like you, but do I like you enough to change blog platforms?

Posted by: Les Jones at April 04, 2006
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