May 26, 2006

Comic Books > Spoiler-Free Review of X-Men III

First things first. If you haven't seen the second movie, rent it first before seeing this one. The final installment does an amazing job of wrapping up the plot lines from X-Men II, but it will be incredibly frustrating to watch if you haven't seen the second movie.

The middle X-Men movie dealt with a conspiratorial cabal inside the government to strike out at mutants. In the new film the president is mutant-friendly and has formed a department of mutant relations headed up by Hank McCoy, AKA Beast. This time the conflict centers around a new serum that "cures" mutants of their powers. Though use of the serum is voluntary, Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants believe it's inevitable the government will force the serum on mutants. The result is a war between the brotherhood on one side and the X-men and the government on the other.

At the end of the second movie Magneto tells Pyro "you're a god among insects, never let anyone tell ya different." Pyro was a kid with a bad attitude. He would have benefitted from Xavier's tutelage, but couldn't see that. Instead, he joined up with Magneto, who's hardly the humble kind. In the final movie Pyro completes his transformation into a thug. That same battle between discipline and destruction plays out with Jean Grey as she struggles between her concious identity and her hidden id as Phoenix.

This latest edition of the series has a few obvious weaknesses. For one, the music could have been better. Kelsey Grammer did well as Beast, but his makeup was half-hearted. It's fashionable for movies to crow about the hours an actor sat in the makeup chair every morning getting ready for the day's shooting. For his role as the hairy blue Beast Grammer spent maybe 20 minutes of chair time a day, tops, and he may have applied the makeup in the rearview mirror himself on the drive to the set.

After the movie I came home and watched the first two X-men. The pace was more leisurely and I miss Bryan Singer's deft filmmaking, but the third movie is a worthy finale to the series.

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Yes...but did you stick around to see the special scene after the credits? :)

Posted by: Blake at May 27, 2006

No, darnit. I was near the aisle, so I bailed out right after the credits started rolling. Did I miss something good.

Posted by: Les Jones at May 27, 2006

You missed something great.

Posted by: Cathy at May 28, 2006

I don't know about great, but it was definitely worth sticking around for.

I thought it was worth a matinee, but not much more. The director left me a little frustrated with some of the more obvious 'Let's focus on their face for five seconds to build intensity...' moments. He spent absolutely no time building up Jean's character, which I suppose is fine if you watched the earlier movies, but it still sort of left you hanging there.

Posted by: Brian at May 30, 2006

Someone warned me to stay until all of the credits had run. I would have been quite upset if I had missed the ending. It wouldn't have been the end of the world, but still was worth the wait.

Posted by: Just me at June 05, 2006
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