May 28, 2006

A&E > Movie: Lucky Number Slevin

Crime revenge drama starring Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, and Josh Hartnett. An enjoyable and complicated, if slightly talky thriller. I've never thought much of Hartnett, but he does a hell of a job with a role that's more complex than it seems at first.

I was amazed to find it at the dollar movie. And Thank You for Smoking is on the Coming Soon marquee. Yee hah. Good movies for cheap.

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Where is this dollar theater? (Don't laugh! I live about an hour south of K-town, so I usually end up at the Pinnacle 18). I still haven't seen Thank You for Smoking.

Posted by: Brian at May 30, 2006

It's the Movies 7 in Windsor Square Shopping Center. It's just a little east of Lovell Road, between Pellissippi Parkway and Cedar Bluff.

Posted by: Les Jones at May 30, 2006
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