June 17, 2006

East Tennessee > Where Do Smokies Visitors Hail From?

Deadbeat Pete's in Townsend, TN

On Saturday Melissa and I decided to take the girls to Cades Cove in the Smokies to put some dirt on the new minivan. Along the way we stopped at Deadbeat Pete's, a Mexican restaurant on the river in Townsend. In contrast to Gatlinburg or Cherokee, Townsend is one of the sleepy entrances to the Smokies. They got their first traffic light maybe five years ago and don't seem to be in a hurry to get another. As far as I know Pete's is the only place in town that serves beer.

Map of Pete's visitors

Pete's has a map of the United States and encourages customers to put a pin on the map to show where they live when they're not in Townsend. As expected, there are lots of people from Tennessee. It's also no surprise to me that so many visitors have Ohio plates. I've known for a long time that lots of people from the Buckeye State visit the Smokies. Ohio's neighbor Indiana likes the Smokies, too, apparently.

The big surprise for me was that so many people were from Florida. Who knew?

Rafting past Deadbeat Pete's

Scene from Cades Cove

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Interesting Pic. Florida always seems to send a lot to the Smokies(maybe its the heat relief). I was surprised the number from East of the Mountains (NC, SC, GA, Eastern VA). Perhaps it is that these folks stay on the NC side..

Posted by: Richard at June 17, 2006

I suppose it makes a certain sense. After all, if you're already in Florida, where are you supposed to go on vacation?

Posted by: Tam at June 18, 2006

hey...you left off the left coast? Where's the other half of the picture? Probably not a lot of people from my neck of the woods. I've heard about Pete's but have never been there. How was the food? I'm headed to Townsend this fall...so maybe I'll try it.

Posted by: juggler at June 18, 2006

Juggler: I can say without hesitation that Pete's is the best Mexican restaurant in Townsend. :-) It's pretty good, especially the basics of tacos and enchiladas. The chili cheese fries are awesome.

Posted by: Les Jones at June 18, 2006

That last picture makes me think of my mom -- she claimed she lived in LA for six months without having any idea that there were big mountains 30 miles away, until one day the wind blew the smog away.

Posted by: Steve K. at June 19, 2006

Just happened upon your site and noticed the comment on Florida. I'm from the mountains in NC and the folks from Florida are EVERYWHERE. This area (eastern TN, western NC) actually runs commercials in Florida for retirement communities, vacation homes, etc up here. Research retirement homes in this area compared to the actual population...

Posted by: Western NC at July 14, 2006
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