June 29, 2006

Middle East > Not to Alarm Anyone, But

Have you noticed that war has broken out between Israel and Hamas over the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier? Lots more today at Drudge. Now that the Palestinians have a government, it looks like Israel is showing them the consequences for a government committing acts of terrorism. It turns out governments are easier to punish than terrorist groups.

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When a stateless militant group (like Hamas used to be) kills 2 soldiers and kidnaps another; it's an act of terror. When such a group holds official political governance, then such violence against another state is an act of war. Hamas seems not to understand that the rules are different for them now.

Posted by: Chris Range at June 29, 2006

Governments actually have addresses, so you know where to kill them.

Hamas had to have known this would happen, but are they ready for the consequences?

What I hate most is that CNN is covering what's hot at the box office and ignoring what's going on over there.

Posted by: Paul Simer at June 29, 2006
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