August 22, 2006

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Kerry Woo, guest-blogging at Nashville is Talking, posted the story of his dog, Bijou.


That dog could be a twin of our dog Shorty. Like Kerry Woo's dog, Shorty was a stray. Her wirey hair and black tongue suggest some chow, and the short legs and curved tail suggest some Corgie. Great dog. Very intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. I've never seen another dog that looked so much like Shorty.

Kerry posted to encourage pet owners to microchip their pets. Otherwise they could lose great dogs like Bijou. That's a good idea to pass along. We microchipped Shorty a couple of years ago. In Knoxville PetSafe has a discounted microchipping program at Christmas. They also offer pets-wth-Santa pictures like these.

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There were triplets. My sister's dog looks just like them too. I thought I'd told you that before. may have to find a pic for you.

Posted by: SayUncle at August 22, 2006

Cool. I'd love to see it.

You don't happen to know what kind of dog it is, do you? As in what breeds the parents were? We've always guessed some amounts of Chow and Corgie for Shorty, but since she's a stray we don't know for sure.

Posted by: Les Jones at August 22, 2006

The dog is a chow / Carolina dog (American Dingo, Dixie Dingo, The Indian's Dog, etc.)mix

Posted by: Diamondback at August 25, 2006
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