November 23, 2006

A&E > Sickest DVD Case EVAH!

After Thanksgiving dinner I decided I really wanted to watch a flick. I wound up buying a DVD - Reservoir Dogs. It's the 15th anniversary edition and when I pick it up I notice it's in a metal case. What the hell? Couldn't figure out why they'd go to the trouble.

Then I realize the metal case is in the shape of a gasoline can. The inner case folds out to look like a giant matchbook. Ouch.


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That is both sick and beautiful. And I am adding it to my list.

Posted by: Chez Bez at November 23, 2006

I gottagottagottahaveone.

Posted by: Tam at November 24, 2006

So I had only seen the movie once, back when it came out on videotape. My friend who had seen it before warned me that one scene was really disturbing, and when I watched it I didn't think it was too bad.

Last night I watch it and I found that scene really disturbing. I must be getting soft in my premature old age.

Posted by: Les Jones at November 24, 2006

When Tarantino first screened RD for critics, he had seat belts installed in the theatre seats. He's always had an eye for dramatic presentation.

I can't listen to "Stuck in the Middle With You" anymore, though...

Posted by: CeeElCee at November 25, 2006

I simply LOVE this kind of packaging. Witty, clever, and definitely put there for the "insider" factor. Only the faithful understand the joke.

Yes, a "gottahave"

Posted by: -B at November 26, 2006

Saw this post and went out and ordered it right away from

Awesome. and Awesome packaging.

Saw the movie for the first time in 1994 when I lived in London. It was playing in Soho and a group of us went up to see it. We had heard good things, and it certainly didn't let us down.

Its been a favorite ever since.

Posted by: countertop at November 28, 2006
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