January 15, 2007

Johnia Berry > Knox Sheriff's Dept. Paid Me a Visit this Morning

Before I left for work this morning I got a knock on the door. Looking out there was a guy in dress shirt and pants with a radio and a manila folder. He said he was with the Knox County Sheriff's department and showed me his ID. Name of Hall.

I used my foot to keep the dog inside and stepped outside to talk to him. Hall said he was following up on a tip they received that I looked like a suspect in a 2004 homicide

I said "You're talking about the Johnia Berry murder." He asked if I had heard about it, and I told him I was the Webmaster for the Johniaberry.org Web site, and that he could verify that by visiting the site and scrolling down a little. My name was on the right side along with Johnia's brother Kelly as the maintainers of the site.

Hall said he was just following up on a report that I looked like the composite sketch, and that he hadn't thought I looked the guy, but he had to check. I noticed Hall had a black and white printout of my driver's license photo in his manila folder. He was using the folder to take notes about the Web site.

I'm sure there's someone out there wondering "Golly, could it have been Les?!" Don't take my word for it. Here's the composite sketch of the murder suspect from December, 2004 and here's a picture of me from our trip to BlogNashville in May, 2005. I met lots of Nashville bloggers on that trip who know what I look like, as do Knoxville bloggers. If I had to judge I'd say I'm somewhere around 15 years older and 75 pounds heavier than the person in the sketch. Also, my fingerprints are on file with the state of Tennessee because I have a handgun carry permit and fingerprinting is part of the application process.

To whoever it was that told the Sheriff's department I look like the sketch: you're a damned liar. You've obviously never seen me in person.

Hall said he was checking other leads today. That's good, at least. I'm glad to see the sheriff's department is following up on the leads they get.

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He's worse than a liar. He's wasting the time of the police department.

Posted by: Cathy at January 15, 2007

Sheesh. That's not even close, although someone would have to put eyes on you to confirm it. Unless it's a real antique photo, you'd think the DL photo would be enough for the comparison.

Defamation of Character legal suit in the works yet?

Posted by: Anonymous at January 16, 2007

Well I guess I'm next Les..Hall may have trouble finding me though because I moved recently.But if he wants to find me he can send me an email and I'll come over to the Sheriff's office in Farragut and meet him there.
If I get to meet Hall I'll ask him to let me see the case file.Hahaha.Fat chance of that happening, but I'll ask none the..less...hahahaha. Pardon my puns today Les.Henderson is a sad case. Very sad.But don't let him get to you.

Posted by: ANGRYWOLF at January 16, 2007

Holy cow! I would have nightmares about that. I find the whole accusation appalling, but maybe it'll bring more attention to the case that could be the lead the police really do need.

Posted by: Kathy T. at January 17, 2007

It's sad they haven't caught the killer yet. Sounds like the cop was going through the motions and knew you weren't the guy ahead of time. From looking at the composite, it seems this guy would be pretty easy to find as he seems to have some very distinctive features. Assuming of course, that the sketch is accurate. I had a detective dressed the same come knocking on my door a few years back (also with envelope in hand). He had the wrong address in my case. Glad it wasn't the Swat team!

Posted by: Diamondback at January 17, 2007

Wow, this changes my opinion of you entirely. I didn't think you were capable of anything worse than selling counterfeit Franklin Mint commemorative flatware on eBay.

Posted by: persimmon at January 17, 2007

Les, you are so lucky. Your nemisis is a refrigerator repair man. That was probably the extent of his ability to cause you harm. I think you can take him down without too much trouble. I bet it wouldn't take much to get the guy with the sign that says " The torso of 1977 is not Paul Hurst" to do your bidding.
I have him primed. I yell "You'll keep quiet if you know what's good for you. We're watching you!"

Posted by: Tony M at January 17, 2007
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