March 27, 2007

East Tennessee > Escaped Knox. Prisoner Approached My Wife Last Night

Melissa and a co-worker were leaving their office building on Gay Street downtown when a man approached them wearing a wifebeater t-shirt and a jacket. She says he was acting funny - looking around and tugging at his jacket. At the time she just thought he was a drug addict looking to panhandle.

He asked to borrow Melissa's co-worker's cell phone. Then he asked them for money.

When Melissa saw his picture in the news today she instantly knew it was him. She's already called the police to report the incident.

Nineteen-year-old Demarcus Sanchez Johnson escaped during a prisoner transport. He is facing aggravated assault and weapons charges.

The escape happened outside the City-County Building in Downtown Knoxville. A bus was transporting prisoners there from the Knox County Detention Facility. While getting off the bus, Johnson managed to slip out of his handcuffs.

She normally walks to her car from work with a co-worker or a security guard, and this shows why that's a good idea. She also has a can of pepper spray on her keychain, though I'm not sure she'd remember to use it in an emergency. Is there a good non-firearms self-defense class in Knoxville? (Melissa's not ready for a gun class. Even if she was I doubt she could carry at work.)

UPDATE: Police have captured Johnson.

And CL at KnoxViews recommends the University of Tennessee self-defense class. They seem to be held once or twice a month. When you click through the schedule there's also a class in aerosol (pepper spray) defense.

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Maybe Cynthia Rothrock is still around somewhere and can teach your wife the guy had been dangerous he would have done something...there's no resisting arrest/assaulting a police officer on his record...I think he'll turn up at his mother's house/or the home of a close relative or friend soon and be back in relax ....

Posted by: ANGRYWOLF at March 28, 2007

There's a story out today that he threatened someone with a gun last Friday.

All's well that end's well, though. I'm glad he didn't become violent.

Posted by: Les Jones at March 28, 2007

But he turned up at a relatives house, while she was away and was caught rather easily without putting up a fight..

Posted by: ANGRYWOLF at April 05, 2007
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