April 14, 2007

True Crime > Duke Non-Rape Case Finale

Ace of Spades has an excellent rebuttal to ABC's Terry Moran's pathetic attempt to wrestle a moral conviction against the Duke lacrosse players, who were exonerated this week. Ace says everything I wanted to say, except for one thing. From Moran's article:

The young men were able to retain a battery of top-flight attorneys, investigators and media strategists.

As students of Duke University or other elite institutions, these young men will get on with their privileged lives.

The implication is that this was "rich man's justice." There really is such a thing. It's when you're guilty but you can afford legal counsel of a high enough quality and with a large enough retainer that you can stand down a district attorney or hornswaggle a jury.

It's only rich man's justice if you don't get convicted when you're guilty. If you don't get convicted when you're innocent - as the new DA has said the three Duke lacrosse players unequivocally are - it's simply justice. Anyone who thinks otherwise is prejudiced because of the accused's gender, skin color, or wealth.

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First the players were quilty, then those that opposed Nifong were prejudice, now that it is over Nifong isn't a strong enough lawyer. Hell, somebody is always to blame. Maybe more Americans should start pointing, and keep the finger pointed at people like Sharpton, and Jackson. They can accuse others, and nothing is done to them when they are proven wrong. For example, what if a group of people white or black pointed out the injustice that Sharpton did to J. Brown's girlfriend and son. I mean hey he made that women feel shame when no shame should have been present. It takes two to tango, and after all J. Brown was involved with this woman right up to the time he died. Not to mention the fact that they have a son together. It appears to me that whites can be targeted by people like Sharpton, and Jackson and nothing happens to them when they are proven wrong. To me we currently have a one sided system that allows people to target others character, and then get off scott free when they are wrong about their assumptions, often unfounded. In a funny kind of a way, isn't that what McCarthyism was all about?

Posted by: david at April 15, 2007

Terry Moran is doing the same thing that Nifong did. He is pandering to people who want to believe that white injustice and black justice are a myth. That is a myth that can destroy hope and foster desperation in the people who can least afford to lose hope.

Posted by: Tony M at April 15, 2007

there's also such a thing as poor man's justice. that's when you're innocent, or a victim, yet your name gets dragged in the mud while the criminal gets away with it. if you're lucky, you might get to keep your home, car, and whatever other belongings of yours might be in any way connected with the case; but most poor folk don't get to be lucky.

Posted by: Nomen Nescio at April 16, 2007
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