April 27, 2007

News > Rolling Stone on Boris Yeltsin

Boris Yeltsin anti-obituary combined with a recent history of Russia. Not cheerful.

Via GeekWitha45.

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Very sad, the only thing sadder is that it is true.

Posted by: Jakk at April 27, 2007

One sided, Liberal, hatred ... full of bile and half-truths. Typical of Rolling Stone.

What he fails to mention in the whole of his article is that after saving Gorbachev's ass from hardliners, his roll as President was in 100% opposition by his peers.

Could Chechnya be easily explained away by the regional instability that's been going on since Peter the Great? Yes. Using that regional instability, did a former Soviet General go in and attempt to subvert Chechnya for his how purposes? Yes. But it's far more convenient to blame it on a Grand Conspiracy. Nevermind that as Chechnya was unfolding, Yeltsin was busy with his own mess in Moscow --- trying to take back Red Square from an attempted coup d'etat (which went on between 1989 and 1994).

Venom. Nothing but. It's the same way so many Liberals go off on Cheney in this country.


Posted by: Mark Steel at April 28, 2007

roll = role

Posted by: Mark Steel at April 28, 2007
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