May 16, 2007

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To raise awareness of global warming Al Gore has organized Live Earth, a one day series of concert events across seven continents, including Antarctica. ("Are you ready to rock, Ross Ice Shelf?") This is a great public service to all of the Emperor Penguins who haven't heard about global warming.

Wait, what was the point of this again? Live Aid founder Bob Geldof is as mystified as I am. "But why is (Gore) actually organizing them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody’s known about that problem for years. We are all (expletive) conscious of global warming."

Too, I'm a little puzzled by something. According to Gore's book and documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. One source of greenhouse gases is the burning of fossil fuels, as when bands and their fans travel to a concert in planes, trains, and automobiles. Another name for Live Earth could be The Concert to Make Global Warming Even Worse.

Tim Blair also noticed the contradiction. "Apparently Live Aid raised substantial funds for famine-wracked Ethiopia, and not a single one of the performers was caught hijacking grain from silos in Addis Ababa. Live Aid spawned Farm Aid, a US agricultural benefit headlined by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young. Again, no farms were incinerated, no farmers imprisoned, and no farm animals touched inappropriately – although they were subjected to the songs of John Denver."

Which leads to this week's poll question.

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Another name for Live Earth could be The Concert to Make Global Warming Even Worse.

Another name for it could be "Al Gore for President". The only upside would be to see the expression on Hillary's face. Either of them.

Posted by: Number9 at May 16, 2007
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