June 01, 2007

Star Wars > Femtrooper Sithvixen: "guys love boob armor"


In comments to this post lara identifies the femtrooper in that picture as SithVixen, who describes the evolution of her Femtrooper costume:

This suit of armor was designed by Richie several years ago for his daughter. It gained notoriety and several other female friends including myself requested a set.

He complied and the Femtroopers (aka Richie's Angels) were born. There are approximately 30 or so of these world wide and it comes as a 4 piece set or so. It may have changed since I last purchased it.

The costume also requires that you own the Stormtrooper set, since the legs, arms and shoulder bells are not included. Some modifications in my case were required, including cutting the codpiece, warming up the armor in the oven and forming it closer into my rib cage and trimming my Stormtrooper pieces to be more form fitting.

There is a bit of work involved but it pays off; guys love boob armor. In fact, this armor got me a front page shot of the living section on the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper! Thanks Richie!

Bonus! - Photoshop of SithVixen at the Tattoine Hooters

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"SithVixen at the Tatooine Hooters" -- man, would Russ Meyer have been the man to make THAT movie!!

Posted by: Joe P. at June 01, 2007



Posted by: RICHIE at August 02, 2007

she's fat and masculine.

Posted by: lee at October 31, 2008
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