October 04, 2007

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Log in to your administration page and check the number of posts and comments.

What is your ratio of blog posts to comments?

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I've got 1700 posts, and just under 10,000 comments

Posted by: Chris Byrne at October 04, 2007

I've got 740 posts with 15,476 comments. I'm averaging nearly 21 comments per post.

Posted by: Tish at October 04, 2007

337 posts, 3,391 comments.

Posted by: Mike at October 04, 2007

575 posts and 2,957 comments

Posted by: Mugwug at October 04, 2007

Wow, Tish. That's a huge ratio. Mine's about 2 comments per post.

Posted by: Les Jones at October 04, 2007

219 posts, 85 comments. Looks like I'm the only one so far this way...

Posted by: Craig T. at October 04, 2007

There are currently 12,872 posts and 44,306 comments

But I lost several thousand in various upgrades and such.

Posted by: SayUncle at October 04, 2007

You guys have very impressive numbers!

For me: 339 posts, 233 comments

I can't figure out if what I have to say is that uninteresting or if I'm so dead on right that no one wants to argue with me.


Posted by: sadcox at October 04, 2007

578 posts and 949 comments, if you count comments from the original blogspot.com blog.

Posted by: Ahab at October 04, 2007

5679 posts, 38,053 comments
(6.7 comments per post)

Posted by: R. Neal at October 04, 2007

Do millions upon millions of spam comments count positively or negatively?

Posted by: Alcibiades McZombie at October 04, 2007

I'm going to feature this post in my upcoming Sunday Samplings link love post. I'd love to send more people over to answer this question. It's really interesting to see the ratios!

Posted by: Tish at October 05, 2007

At "Just Another Pretty Farce"
1790 posts with 10263 comments for a ratio of 5.73 comments per post.

At "Music City Bloggers"
1473 posts (all authors) with 8782 comments for a ratio of 5.96 comments per post.

Posted by: Kat Coble at October 05, 2007

I'm not sure where to find this data (I'm running on a remotely administered Moveable Type host) but I've almost never had a conversation in my comments. Right now most of my traffic is people searching for green tomato recipes; they never even look at the main page.

Posted by: triticale at October 06, 2007

138 posts vs. 33 comments... it's getting better than it used to be, and not all of them are from family members who find me and have to say Hi!

Posted by: Missyb64 at October 07, 2007

2,766 posts, and 5,046 comments, though some were lost when I changed over to my current comment provider.

Half were probably mine, most likely cursing a commentor or their opinion....

Posted by: BSTommy at October 07, 2007

According to Blogger, I've made 2,032 posts since January 2003 and according to Haloscan, I have accumulated 5,894 comments. This doesn't count comments entered directly into Blogger, but usually I copy them into Haloscan anyway so it should more or less match up.

Posted by: Barry at October 08, 2007

Neat topic here! (I found this one thanks to Tish's Sunday Sampler btw)

187 posts, 237 comments so far. That's a little under 1.5 per post. Bleh. Though it has been growing of late.

Posted by: Andrew at October 08, 2007
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