November 04, 2007

Home Life > New Toy: Moultrie Digital Game Camera

MFH-DGS-D40-b.jpgI picked up one of these this weekend. It's a game camera - a weatherproof digital camera with an infrared motion sensor and an automatic flash for taking pictures of wildlife.

I've got it setup tonight to solve the mystery of "What's knocking over my garbage cans?" Once it cracks that case I'll use it to answer the burning question "What's robbing our bird feeders at night?"

After that I'll set it up near the treeline to see what kind of visitors we get. I've seen raccoons and groundhogs in the yard, and I'm sure there are skunks and possums. I'd be curious to see if we ever have deer, turkey, or coyote.

The model I bought was one of the cheaper digital game cameras. The 35mm film cameras are cheaper, but I didn't want one for obvious reasons. This one was $98 at Wally World, and you can get it a little cheaper on Amazon. For about two and a half times that price you can buy one that uses infrared technology instead of a white flash. That would be very cool, but this one was more in line with my cheap thrills budget. I'll post pictures when I capture something interesting.

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I will venture a guess that coons are raiding both your garbage cans and your bird feeders.

Posted by: Shard at November 04, 2007

Greatly looking forward to pictures!

Posted by: Paul Simer at November 05, 2007
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