December 28, 2007

Environment > How Clean is Your Electricity?

Enter your zip code on this EPA page and find out. Here are the results for Louisville, TN (zip code 37777):


We're better than the national average on hydro (thanks, TVA!) and worse than the national average on coal (thanks, TVA).

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Clicking on the link I got "file not received".
Now that was definitely a waste of energy.

Posted by: Mike at December 28, 2007

It worked earlier, but it stopped working. I've changed the URL and it seems to work.

Posted by: Les Jones at December 28, 2007

Thanks Les, that did the trick.

Posted by: Mike at December 29, 2007

This all assumes C02 is evil.

Simply because the Supreme Court, the UN and research teams funded by taxes levied under highly questionable scare tactics have deemed toxic the very gas we exhale doesn't make it so...especially when genuinely evil ulterior motives are afoot.

Posted by: koblog at December 30, 2007

I live in Tennessee and got much worse on coal, real good on gas, better on oil, equal on nuclear, and higher on hydro. Not half bad.

Posted by: Pantera at December 30, 2007

Up here in the Pacific Northwest, we get 49% hydroelectric, which isn't surprising given all the dams we have here. After that, it's about 36& coal, 11& gas, and a smattering of other types. I'm actually kind of surprised that there's still that much coal here though...

Posted by: Brian Lutz at December 30, 2007

C'mon all, the emmisions rate is the important item here, even tho' it's a function of the fuel mix.
Looking at emissions rates for major areas they are, from worst to best:
Louisville, TN
Washington D.C.
Seattle, WA
New York City, NY
All of California
BTW, Brian in the NW, when was the last hydro-electric dam project built? How many current ones have some enviro-whacko save the rivers group wanting to tear them down?
How many nuclear plants are operating? Nuclear makes NYC much cleaner than Seattle. No wonder you guys need coal!

Posted by: Mike at December 30, 2007

So, where are the rest? No solar, no wind.

Posted by: Overload in CO at January 02, 2008
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