January 10, 2008

Blogging > What Local Bloggers Would You Like to Meet?

Katie Allison-Granju in her new blog KnoxvilleTalks.com wonders which East Tennessee bloggers you would most like to meet in person.

Knoxville bloggers are a pretty sociable bunch, so I've been fortunate to meet lots of local bloggers at various meetups, drinkups, and shootemups over the past years. A few Knoxville-area bloggers I'd still like to meet are Barry Henderson, tiki connoisseur Swanky, nature photographer Fletch, and ace reporter Betty Bean who posts sometimes at Knoxviews.

Slightly farther away I'd like to meet motorcycle photoblogger Killboy (who is just over the TN/NC state line in Robbinsville) and Straight White Guy (from just down the road in Athens, TN).

I met a number of Nashville bloggers a few years ago at BlogNashville, and would like to meet some more.

LATER: I knew I'd leave some people out. One more is Knoxville News-Sentinel online editor Jack Lail.

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I got published last week in the MetroPulse article about this fair city and its future. (Tim Glazner). I intend to get to a blogger meetup, but then that powerful field around the couch draws me in and won't let me leave. I think my fiance has a similar field eminating from her hip... One day!

Posted by: swanky at January 10, 2008

I'm sure this is not true for the others, but as for meeting me, it'd surely be a let down.

Posted by: jack lail at January 10, 2008

Swanky: do you have a link to the MP article?

Jack: I'll risk it. :-)

Posted by: Les Jones at January 10, 2008

If you want to meet Killboy without going to the Dragon, he usually makes a few autocrosses throughout the year. We don't have 2008 schedule up yet, but a tentative one will be up soon.

Posted by: Dillow at January 10, 2008

Thanks. I followed that link and saw David Disney's name. I just met him a few weeks ago and went shooting at Coal Creek Armory.

Posted by: Les Jones at January 10, 2008

Yeah, David's a stand up guy -- he's done a huge amount of work for the club, and he's a pretty swell friend to boot. Then again, I have him and Dennis to blame for my addiction to autocrossing... as well as to that money-pit called an RX7...

Posted by: Dillow at January 10, 2008

Yep, I used to work with Dennis. I haven't seen him since he got married.

Posted by: Les Jones at January 11, 2008

.... drop me a line.... my time is pretty flexible... perhaps a beer or two over lunch at Aubrey's in Maryville?....

Posted by: Eric at January 11, 2008

I'd be happy to meet any fellow Knoxville bloggers. I know I read enough of them online -- too many to list here!

Posted by: Pattie74 at January 11, 2008

Eric: sounds like a plan.

Posted by: Les Jones at January 11, 2008

... excellent.... just let me know when and I will drive up....

Posted by: Eric at January 12, 2008
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