January 17, 2008

East Tennessee > Dear Metro Pulse

Dear Metro Pulse,

I realize your Web presence is in limbo as part of the Scripps integration, but please put a stupid search box on your Web site. And put in some sort of archive feature so people can browse older content. My man Swanky apparently published an article in Metro Pulse and there's no way for me to find it.

It's 2008. Add some blogging content to your Web site already.

It's 2008. Update your 2007 copyright notice.

Unless you're allergic to money sell some ads on your Web site. Seriously. You have three times my traffic yet you don't show any ads. You're throwing away money every month. If you're smart you'll also tie your print ad sales to your Web advertising. If you can't bother to do that (knowing that Scripps is going to turn the site upside down anyway) at least sign up for Google AdSense and BlogAds. Each one takes about an hour to implement.

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If they used PHP they could just use a statement like: "Copyright $begin_year-$current_year".

Posted by: Alcibiades McZombie at January 17, 2008

That's pretty sweet.

Posted by: Les Jones at January 17, 2008
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