June 27, 2008

Photos > Big Honkin' Sunflower


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That is gorgeous...I love sunflowers!

Posted by: Ginger at June 27, 2008

... wait... yours are blooming already?.... the seeds that The Missus and I planted this spring are still just sprouts!..... four foot sprouts, of course, but still just leaves and stalk!..

Posted by: Eric at June 27, 2008

Thanks, Ginger.

Eric, that's a pic from last fall at the Maple Lane Farms Corn Maze.

Posted by: Les Jones at June 28, 2008

.... oh..... ok... that makes me feel a bit better...

Posted by: Eric at June 28, 2008

My friend's father is very proud of his monsters, as he calls them.

Posted by: JP at June 29, 2008

That is a beuatiful capture of nature's work. Nice one as the Moth complete's the picture even though a butterfly would have added more color.

Posted by: Naijaecash at June 30, 2008
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