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My Million Dollar iPhone Idea

I figured out a way to make a million dollars. I’m going to make a smartphone that’s exactly like the iPhone in every way except it vibrates loud enough you don’t miss half of your calls.

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Facebook App Draining Batteries

The recent news reports are for iOS, but some people are seeing the same thing with Android. When I got my iPhone 5 the battery would last a day. Apple replaced it for that and other reasons, but I did … Continue reading

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Update on iPhone 5 Problems

I had some problems with a new iPhone 5. The battery life was terrible. It was dropping calls at my house, even though my other Verizon phones had worked fine there for years. I took the phone to the local … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 Battery Life

I had an iPhone 4s at my last job. When I got laid off I picked up a used BlackBerry for 40 bucks, thinking I might land another job that would pay for a phone. No job yet and I … Continue reading

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“What happened to netbooks?”

Farhad Manjoo thinks Apple killed the netbook with the iPad and MacBook Air. Netbooks are dead. Good riddance! Just a few years ago, these small, underpowered, ultracheap laptops were considered the future of the computer industry. In 2008 and 2009, … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Loves Us, He Loves Us Not

He loves us, he loves us not: The leading computer company plans to build a system that will sense when people are trying to video live events and turn off their cameras. A patent application filed by Apple revealed … Continue reading

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The world didn’t get its financial house in order, but it did buy a lot of iPads

Zillions still unemployed and the world awash in debt, but at least the economic bandaids allowed the world to buy 7.5 million iPads. One more round of stimulus and maybe we can hold things together long enough for the next … Continue reading

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Apple: Our Signal Bars Were Bullshit Anyway

Apple is looking more and more like a crapweasal the longer the iPhone antenna issue drones on. Apple `stunned’ to find iPhones overstate signal strength; holding it wrong still a problem Apple Inc. said Friday that it was “stunned” to … Continue reading

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iPhone and the Cult of Mac

Fake Steve Jobs – There Is No Spoon: The other strategy we use comes from Zen Buddhism. You ever study Zen koans? Most of them make no sense at all. You read them and you go away feeling confused and … Continue reading

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How to take credit card payment with your smart phone

Square for iPhone, iPad, and Android and Intuit PaymentsToGo for many smart phones (and the Web-based version works on any smartphone with a Web browser). Type in the card number manually or use the optional dongle to swipe cards. With … Continue reading

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Buy an iPhone 4, Get a Pee-stained Screen and Dropped Calls FREE!!!

“You think you’re so cool because you buy a five hundred dollar phone with a picture of a piece of fruit on it. Well guess what? They cost eight bucks to make and I pee on every one.” –Steve Mobs … Continue reading

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Jakob Nielsen Reviews iPad Usability

Alertbox: iPad Usability – First Findings From User Testing: iPad apps are inconsistent and have low feature discoverability, with frequent user errors due to accidental gestures. An overly strong print metaphor and weird interaction styles cause further usability problems.

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Thom Hogan: “the iPad is not quite ready for serious photographers”

When the iPad appeared I briefly thought it could be useful for photographers. You could review images at a size much larger than your camera’s LCD. You could do basic editing. Once in range of a WiFi connection you could … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: “No one needs more than 256 Megabytes of RAM!”

Granted, Steve Jobs didn’t say that in so many words. He said it with design specs. I knew the current-gen iPhone and iTouch only had 256 MB memory, but I didn’t realize the iPad was likewise hamstrung. Yeah, Apple’s really … Continue reading

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Apple Under Scrutiny for Anti-trust Violations

And Bill Gates laughed and laughed: Apparently, Apple is now under antitrust scrutiny for its licensing agreements with iPhone app developers. Those developers–and competitors–are complaining that Apple has recently changed its licensing agreement to forbid using non-Apple software tools to … Continue reading

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